Missing Person, David Allan Broderick, “Dave”


Who are you responding to?


Nobody specific. Just the guy that said I made another worst post of the year award…


I do not know any of these people personally, yes that is right, but a lot of information have passed through this thread.


CAN WE HAVE some respect for the subject of this thread and people involved?

Take the personal issues and discussion somewhere else.


I just wanted to bring some counterweight to the thread. Because I felt it was a bit one sided with all the blaming.


That is specific.


So you decided to correct it with some blaming?


Hong Kong to Hualien is no longer an option. They were chartered flights and stopped late last year.


I think I kinda get what dabomb_gent is saying.
So many times people have mentioned Dave with a beer assuming probably a drunk…jobless so probably a freeloader, foreigner so probably not liked by family and nobody bats an eye…but mention anything about the Taiwanese wife and it’s a witch hunt.


It would be good for everyone to refrain from casting blame or aspersions at anybody here, given that facts are so few. These kind of conversations usually wind up going all over the place though, with speculation rampant. But I think a lot of good has come out of it. Probably you can’t have one without the other


I have given her two attempts to voice her side of the story to me personally.
1st attempt she talked a bit and screenshoted Dave’s last messages then had to go to bed.
2nd attempt I said I was planning on going to Taiwan and she responded but shortly after I was told she had to go on a plane.
If the shoe was on the other foot I would have stayed up all night and talked and explained everything that I knew about the situation. I wouldn’t cut the conversation short and go to bed. Why would one do that? This was the 1st time that Dave’s brother EVER contacted her.
Why was Dave’s family in Canada told Dave got into a car, told he was in the mountains and no mention of a cliff. Why were we told helicopters were hired to look for Dave and you guys say that’s very impossible.
This may not be a witch hunt but definitely raises some flags to his family and friends here in Canada.


What is the most common language spoken on Taiwan? Chinese is what I believe but unsure.
Is it easy to get an interpreter for like days or weeks on end, hired of course ?
Is it easy to rent a car in Taiwan ?
Do you advise renting a car or not. If not why ?
I may not have the time to wait for taxis or such.
Do I need to get an international driving license to drive there?
Somebody said I would need a visitors Visa to gain entry into Taiwan, is this also true?
Anything else I am forgetting that I need to do before traveling to Taiwan ? Like medical stuff in case I get hurt, what do they do for me ?
Thanks in advance

  1. Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese. Some can speak English
  2. Interpreter could be expensive. Maybe some Forumosans on east coast could help out by being with on day to day basis or in contact by cell phone.
  3. Can rent day drivers who speak English. Others here may offer recommendations on whom to hire.
  4. Yes, can rent car. Does Canada have a version of American Automobile Association (AAA)? AAA in the US sells one-year international drivers license for like US$15. Canada probably has something similar.
  5. When arriving in Taoyuan International Airport (TPE), when you exit the automatic doors to enter arrival waiting area, turn immediately left and walk maybe 20-30 meters. You will see 3 telecom providers selling unlimited data, etc. SIM cards. Choose Chunghwa Telecom and buy a plan based on how many days there. That person can help you to install the SIM card in your phone and confirm the number is working.
  6. You can consider buying travel insurance with plane ticket, which is used for big emergencies (like medevac back to home country). All other minor things could be taken care of out of pocket cheaply at local clinic, hospital.


By now I think we should assume that the wife and/or her family are reading this forum.


Thank you


I would assume so, there goes my surprise party lol


You’ll need a list of questions with independently verified answers and not just answered without any data to back it up.

One of the questions is:

  • Were there any insurance policies related to Dave or this situation?

There could be life insurance connected to him directly or there could be one indirectly connected like a policy for the daughter if she loses a father.

I know people in Taiwan, even single friends, that have one or more self-procured life insurance policies.


Is it easy to get an interpreter for like days or weeks on end, hired of course ?

  • there are translating services. Official agencies may/will have. You’ll need someone or a service available to meet your schedule but probably not full time. Also need one that can travel or be available via speakerphone. And one with you when with wife to access informal communication. Gofundme potential.
    Edit: you’ll need both verbal and written translation. The Canadian office may be able to assist you to locate in advance with a list and maybe recommendations. But they probably won’t actually provide services.

Is it easy to rent a car in Taiwan ?

  • Don’t use in Taipei.
  • Use outside of Taipei.

Do you advise renting a car or not. If not why ?

  • Yes.
  • Rent from Hualien after taking train to there and use everywhere on East coast including to backtrack his route and visit known locations.
  • Having a guide is not really necessary in Taiwan
  • Google Maps on smartphone works well in Taiwan in and outside of cities.
  • Street signs include English.

I may not have the time to wait for taxis or such.

  • Taxi or public transport is better than car in Taipei. Car is a pain.


Me, me, ooh ooh it was me.

Counterweight my arse. We’ve been trying to blame the wee lassie since day one.


Before you come, you should have a copy of the police report. That way, you can go over it with police authorities or someone in your circle with law enforcement training. they will help you in making the list of relevant questions. It is always helpful to have a professional give you feedback. At leats you need the background information regarding where to dig. Sorry for the metaphor, just meaning to say you will have a narrowers search parameter and teh questions will be more focused.

Suggestion: someone ith contacts on the East coast may be able to put you in touch with professional hikers, Aboriginal guides, etc. anyone who knows the area where Dave was last seen well. Not cops, but mountain people, the kind people here hire to retrieve lost hikers from the mountains. They may offer insight.