Missing Person, David Allan Broderick, “Dave”


Downloaded it but can not read, sorry
I know its pricing but dont know for what


It will have zero effect on your visit. Don’t even worry about it.


I know that to get to the second floor where I live I have to walk the stairs. That is reality. I am not going to be teleported from the first floor to the second floor.

Seeing reality as it is, the best thing currently that can be hoped for in this case is that Dave’s bro and his family can obtain some sort of peace with the family and Dave’s bro mounting this mission .

I don’t think they are the one percent so it will cost them monetarily. But I hope there will be a sense of peace and coming to terms with the horrible reality that Dave is missing and possibly for good.

Dave’s bro does not have the clout to move a mountain to find the whereabouts of his bro alone.

And the most likely thing that will happen is that given the limited support from the CAnadian govt and the TW govt in this case as of this moment in time, nothing of substance will happen.

The ex wife seems to have given up and may just want the past to be left where it is. She may not be interested in connecting with the Canadian side of her daughter’s family at this time. Although that is a shame as her daughter will grow up and one day be interested. So she may not be all that cooperative. I don’t think she or her family are involved with Dave’s disappearance. Unless some evidence comes to light saying otherwise.

So I guess there can be some sort of peace in leaving some flowers at the site where Dave was last. And just making it over there is something. And making an attempt to see his ex and his niece. That is something.

A journey good for the spirit even if nothing concrete is uncovered at this time.


maybe bring a flak jacket :sunglasses:


Yup thats all that will be needed to ward off all em missiles the commies got aimed at the wan.

Actually your real danger is getting hit by a scooter. Taiwan has 20 million of those things !!

Have eyes all around you.



booking toronto to Tpe leaving late month this month and coming back in two weeks got me something like 1250 canadian round trip.

Is that good?

Tpe is the international airport and is about 25 miles south of Taipei City.

Buses go from the terminals to downtown Taipei every five to ten mins and costs about 130nt I think. NT 30 is about 1 US dollar. Or you can take the new airport express train that connects with the subways (MRT) in Taipei. This is probably the preferred method.


1 adult

Flight 1Monday, March 25, 2019Monday, March 25, 2019

01:20 Toronto(YYZ)

05:10 +1 day Taipei(TPE)

Total duration 15:50, Direct flight

Booking Class SFare type ECO Special

Flight 2Monday, April 08, 2019Monday, April 08, 2019

19:40 Taipei(TPE)

21:55 Toronto(YYZ)

Total duration 14:15, Direct flight

Booking Class SFare type ECO Special



Base Fare & Fuel Surcharge


Taxes and Charges


Round trip price for all travelers (including optional Service, taxes/fees and all carrier-imposed surcharges-Taxes are refundable for unused tickets and portions of tickets)


Booking details

Purchase conditions

Fare notes

Fare basis



my asian wife uses this site to book all her hotels in Asia.


People here think what the media tells them to think. You don’t know which way the ‘media’ is going to spin the story. It really all comes down to the way the ‘journalist’ decides to portray the narrative.

I would still try and get the media involved (it might jog someone’s memory) even though it might be a shitshow.


Strongly suggest that you have some backing from the Canadian Trade Office, before you come here. Or at least a contact. It will help your visit to the Hualien police.

The Canadian Trade Office website says: “We provide consular assistance to Canadian citizens during regular office hours”.

Tell them that you’re coming over to search for Dave, and get a contact who will provide some back-up (‘consular assistance’) whilst you’re in Taiwan.


Pretty sure the media is reading this right now, hahaha


I have a person there that has been helping me in Otrava. Should be able to give me a contact in Taiwan.


And blue trucks!


With a lot of pain in my heart, I have to say Air Canada is cheaper. I was looking into the Taiwan/Toronto flights to go to the ol country and it was about 30k last year. They may have seasonal offers, lot cheaper in April.


I booked a flight recently round trip to Toronto. Air Canada is about half the price of Eva Air if you’re willing to do a short stop over in Korea then Vancouver on the way back. (Travelling in July)


You mean J. J. R Tolkein?


I think he means the other Tolkein.


Yes. Candi Tolkein, the legendary burlesque dancer of the 1920’s…


Now you’re just Tolkien the piss.


Is cynicism contempt?
No it is not.

Are there are lots of different opinions on here?
Yes there are .

Are any Taiwanese helping with this case now ?
Not really. Maybe a couple on here.

Do you think that it’s so easy to get a divorce in Taiwan ?
Didn’t think so.

Afraid of offending somebody ?
Dont even bother starting the search…