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for flights, use: www.skyscanner.com

Inputted Toronto Pearson to TPE (Toronto).
Depart April 2, Return April 16
Hit “Search flights”

It searches for about one minute.
Comes up with $640 as cheapest.

Look at top-left above “Get Price Alerts”, you’ll see “Show whole month”. Click on it.

Lo and behold, you’ll can change to April 17 ($297) and go down to $595.

Some dates have “?” marks. Just manually change dates (by going back to first original webpage to change dates). You may be surprised at getting even much lower. I have done this myself and seen one day pop up at like HALF the costs of all other days (and subsequently bought that price for the tix) . Air Canada, too. Nice 787 new planes they fly to Asia.

So, pick a # of days timeframe and start manually checking earlier/later.


Google Flights is also a good option, but skyscanner prob easiest.


I think the only time I will have 2 weeks off consecutively will be July 13 - July 28th.
So that will be my starting point for time frame, it works best for me. 1 week vacation already booked and 1 week factory shutdown.
I have 3 interested people who would like to accompany me on this journey, not calling it a trip, its nowhere near a trip.
My main problem will be finances.
I could do this journey for half the amount if I came alone, however, I am travelling to a place I have never been, one I do not know the language and possibly into an unfriendly territory. I will need somebody by my side that I can trust 100%, somebody that I can talk to and know they have my back. Somebody with another set of eyes to look at things differently. Somebody to keep me calm and comfort or console me if need be.
If you can figure out a cheaper way to go please do share. I am not looking to make money off of this, just trying to get anwers. I will post all receipts if you need proof of my spending.


I don’t think people want proof of your spending. Just that you went and accomplished at least some of what you hoped to do.

The fact you went is enough for a lot of people.


I suggest you book your tickets soon. I am also taking this same trip in July and I purchased my tickets in November. Flights in July fill up and become expensive


sometime around mid-June (meaning, when flight leaves airport, NOT date of purchase), it seems trans-Pacific tix get jacked up like 20%.
Start searching early, for sure. You may get lucky on one hidden date that is cheaper than the others.


Definitely book like today
Because it could be twice the price as you get closer to travel date


Easier said then done.
Only 760 in the fund.
Obviously I will be contributing as well but think it needs to be higher before buying plane tickets or that may be throwing money away if I dont have the funds to do anything else,like eat lol


Let’s pick it up folks. 1400 posts in this thread. More of us here must care than the eight (8) who have contributed so far.


Hope this helps.
Did a bit of searching online for fares. Seems if you go through a Taiwanese site, the prices are not much lower…about the same. Thought I would give it a shot.


Why are some of those times so high 33 hours, 24 hours , 2 stops, I guess


you don’t need to worry much about cost to eat. It can be 300NTD/person/day.


Yeah the airlines from China are usually quite competitive, but you have to change planes in China and that can always be a bit of a hassle plus time consuming. Better stick to Air Canada non stop or EVA non stop



on travelocity EVA came out cheapest


sky scanner shows deals with eVA and Cathay Pacific via Hong Kong.


best to book direct with eVA and Cathay on those sites rather than a fly by night outfit you cant trust. so beware of those.


This is from EVA’s site.
Direct flight. No stopovers.
2 round trip tickets.
3,147 Canadian Dollars

  • China Airlines is 5,278 Canadian Dollars for the same dates, non-stop flight to Taiwan but one stop over on the way back to Canada.

  • Air Canada is 3,435 Canadian Dollars for the same dates with one stop over each direction.


Thanks goodness i’m asking for 7500 then


Apologies for my earlier comments about it being too much to ask for.
Looks like you are going to need every penny.


I clearly have too much time on my hands. I thought Emirates sometimes is very aggressive on pricing. But heck going by way of Dubai and taking 39 hours is so expensive ! And this is just for ONE PERSON round trip

Summary of flight charges

Service Fare Taxes and fees Cost
1 passenger, Economy Saver Fare CAD 2,490.20 CAD 140.46 CAD 2,630.66
row 3Total

(in Canadian Dollars)

Taxes, fees, and charges breakdownReview your taxes, fees, and charges breakdown.|CAD 2,630.66|

Confirm and continue your reservation


Its all good, I have no idea of pricing, just knew airplane wasnt going to be cheap. Might be able to save money on meals and hotel if what you guys say is true.
Was budgeting 100 cad per day for food and 100 cad for hotel.