Missing Person, David Allan Broderick, “Dave”


Where on earth are you finding 50NT biandangs nowadays? The cheapest biandangs I see around are 70-80NT. When I moved here 17 years ago, 50NT biandangs were the norm…but not over the past 5-10 years.


I think he will need a little more than 12 us a day. He’s going to need to get every meal and every drink outside. He’s going to be having a hard trip regardless.


This is getting weird. Why don’t you all just make him a bunch of sandwiches :rofl:


shoulda never gotten on the subject of food for christsake LOL.
leave the man alone, let him eat what he will , gee.

next you gonna tell him where he is gonna take a dump and when huh.


ok i had me some 50nt (maybe they were 55nt) bientangs when i was last in Taiwan 4 yaers ago. It was in Neihu. And they were pretty dang good too.


Summer is the only time Taiwan is more like a tropical island. The winters suck huge. The spring and fall lasts five minutes each.

And winter it rains an awful lot in the north.


The winters have been very mild in recent years.


Calling them “winters” is even a bit of a stretch.


@Davesbrother, it looks like you found the porch with all the old geezers.


global warning


Yeah, this is going to keep this thread on the right track.


well at least he will be glad once his mission is accomplished and he can get out of geezer island.

If he stays longer he may be able to check out anytime he likes but never leave (old senile joke bout the rock)


A very apropos Freudian slip. :grin:


it wasn’t freudian, it was a designed slip :stuck_out_tongue:


And how do you feel about that?


WEll, yes i do believe that man kind is warming the Earth. HOWEVER< if nature wanted to, it can go quickly from Global Warming to mini ICE AGE. aLL IT takes is a big volcano to blow and its ICE AGE TIME BABY. BIG TIME.


Brian Cox eat your heart out.



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My timeline is currently populated by people who believe that God is Flat, that Darwin supported brexit and that Jesus is not a greenhouse gas. Or something like that.

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that’s the one!


And not that anyone other than you is asking for my Global Warming observations. It does appear that the Earth is warmer now, than it was say 30 years ago. As evidenced that Taiwan is not as cold as it was in winter. I do recall it being BONE CHILLING COLD SOME 30 years ago when the cold fronts come.

But Earth in geological times, the weather has not been constant. We may have been in a time of a few hundred years of relative stability and warmth. We have had mini ice ages not that long ago in Earth time.

And we can slip into one again with just ONE big volcano event.

Currently weather has been observed to be more extreme. We have had extreme cold in areas while other areas have had record heat waves. These are good signs of GLOBAL WARMING existing.

Tornados have become more powerful as have typhoons and cyclones and what not.

Extreme weather has become more extreme. And the inhabitants of the Earth are suffering . Some more so than others. Polar bears have come into towns in the far north because they are starving. Their food sources are not as plentiful.

We humans and animals on planet Earth are in dire peril.

Or we COULD be in dire peril. But perhaps in geological timing, the whole existence of the human race and our accompanying animals and plant life is but a blink of the eye . We are probably ultimately doomed.