Missing Person, David Allan Broderick, “Dave”


Unless the body got stuck on one of the cliffs below, which is a possibility.

A drone might be useful for a search of the area.

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1st hurdle, I sent my government some questions which they responded to.
This was the 1st question:
How do I prove I am Dave’s brother, etc.?

A. Normally the local authorities will require both your brother’s and your long-form birth certificate. The long-form birth certificate is required to show that both of you were born from the same parents. You will also require to show your passport as well and confirm the relationship since the birth certificate does not have a photo ID. In addition, please note that two copies of the long-form birth certificates will need to be authenticated by Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Canada prior to being accepted by the local authorities.

So I have to get long form birth certificates not only for Dave but also myself since mine are from Germany and uncertain they qualify as long form.
That is 4 x $96 =$384 , one of those miscellaneous costs.


@Davesbrother, you might want to consider contacting Legislator Bi-Khim Hsiao, who is an MP from Hualien, and seeking her help. Here is her contact info: https://bikhim.wordpress.com/

Do you really need four original birth certificates? It seems that one original and one photocopy for each person would suffice. In terms of the cost for authentication, it’s CAD$20 for an original, and CAD$10 for a copy. Here are links to more information:


Checking it out now, thanks.
Site is confusing, my own government site that is.

This is where I was looking


As far as 4 original instead of 2 photo copies, I thought of this as well but just want to make sure all are legit and have correct stamps and signatures… as a copy will not have those.


Just to make sure, the certificate from Germany should be authenticated by TECO in Germany. It should be able to be done by mail.


Teco certified makes sense and good to have this… I had to get this to prove my husband is who he is for health insurance.

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Call TECO in Toronto or Vancouver. Confirm with them. They are usually very helpful.


I re-wrote it.
Hope it sounds okay.
Appreciate everything you have done so far for me and my family.


Just an update.

My brothers case was reopened March 12, 2019.
Obviously some pressure from the right people has helped. Thanks.

On another note my brothers ex started adding all my fb friends,:thinking:
I asked her about it and she told me fb have a problem.
Of all the friends she has on fb it just wants to add mine, weird. Wasn’t adding others, as I have friends on her page that did not have this issue.

I am still planning on coming to Taiwan, just getting paperwork together and funds. Bit of a hassle getting my birth certificate, Canadian born in West Germany needing it approved by Taiwan authorities lmao
Have to go through DND, Department of National Defense apparently.
Anyways I will keep you posted on anything new.

  • for some of you younger folks, Germany was two countries at one time hahaha

Have you asked the TECO if they will authenticate (not approve) your birth certificate from Germany? If your birth certificate needs to be authenticated by the Taiwanese Representative Office in Germany, it would be a much bigger hassle.


Global affairs thinks it can all be done within Canada.
Get birth certificates, send them to TECO for authentication then back to me so that Taiwan authorities will talk to me.
Since I am an “army brat” born abroad my government should be able to get my birth certificates and not Germany.


How’s the fund raising and trip planning coming?


Really slow going unfortunately.
It seems just like this site anything to do with my brother has basically come to a standstill.
The GoFundMe has raised approximately $1500 Canadian total. Again I will put some in once it gets closer, if it gets closer.
Sent away for my birth certificates from Germany, waiting for those to arrive.
Still waiting for brothers ex wife to give me more divorce info…been waiting 3 weeks for that.
I have contacted her 3 times in total, all 3 times she had to cut the conversation short for various reasons and people expect me to open my heart and arms to her, I’ll tell you right now that is not happening.
I will visit my niece and love her and she will always have family or a home in Canada if she ever needs one, as for the rest of them …well you get the picture.


no matter how long it takes, keep going.
closure will be very meaningful.


So what’s the good word?


Strange thing is that blood really is thicker than water. A person may have stronger feelings for their offspring than for their spouse. Because the spouse doesn’t have the same blood but the offspring does.

Your niece is the only one that you have blood ties to there.