Missing Recent Post Function

  1. Where is the “recent posts” function? That was a very handy tool.
  2. How come the emoticons don’t work?

Glad the site is back up. Very impressed with the speed

They were back but following yesterdays problems the latest post feature has gone again.

By “latest post” feature – are you guys talking about the yellow/white icons that show whether there are unread posts in a particular thread?

That is one feature that is not working for me as of today (December 7).

Great job to all those who worked on/are working on the transition that made the site faster though – the page-loading speed has been excellent since we came back online last week. :thumbsup:

I mean the aility to load up the front page of the forums and be able to llok at each individual section and see what the latest post is (in the right hand coloum)… right now it just says the name of the poster not the topic title.