Missing U.S. TV shows?Anyone here from the D.C. metro area?

I’m looking for 1 person (preferrably in Taoyuan or Taipei) to share the payment to hire one person in the D.C. metro area to record and mail some TV shows to Taiwan. Of course, you can also get some shows you love recorded. TV shows that I plan to get people to record are basically local (the D.C. metro area) TV news (NBC, ABC, Fox 5), Mad TV, some popular reality TV shows, Sunday Wall Street Journal, some informative shows, popular comeidies, and some other shows from Food, TLC, E!, HGTV, MTV channels, and etc.

This employment is to help one American with moderate/severe physcial disability, which is a barrier to his/her employment, earn some pocket money.

For detail, PLEASE send a PM to me. DON’T reply to the post directly. Thanks!

I get all the american shows on satellite tv

West Wing 7, Survivor, Without a Trace, Living Famously, 24, Jay Leno, Tonight with Con, David Letterman, Fox New Fox sports, The OC, CSI seaon 5, season 6 starting soon, and a lot of other US programming… too much to list really

You should get a satellite tv system. Much cheaper than getting somebody to mail taped shows. What a bother that is.

Maybe you should get a slingbox… that way you can get it straight from the US on your computer here… US$250

You could also consider to purchase a Slingbox from Sling media and watch your TV back in the USA and even be able to change the channels, better yet, control and watch your Tivo from Taiwan.


why go thru all that hassle when you can use bittorrent?

Why go through all that hassle for tv?

It’s called the internet, you should check it out.

Does anyone know if the American TV shows people can watch through the satellite system provide English caption on the screen?

If you need some tv-series on disk, PM me.

Has anyone had any success buying videos from video.google.com from Taiwan?

I wanted to buy an NBA game video but was surprised to discover that they blocked non-US IPs. I checked ProxyKing so it seems we can access them through proxy anonymizers. I just want to check if anyone has successfully tried this before I subscribe to the anonymizer service and pay for the video download