Mission Impossible!

Find the phone number for Amazon USA on their website or other place!

I found it. Anyone else find it? OK, what is it then? Just the last 4 digits are fine to prove you found it.

  1. Found on the first page I clicked on – unsurprisingly, About Amazon.com.

I found a different number. Now what to do?

P.O. Box 81226
Seattle, Washington 98108-1226

Its America, dude. Sue the feckers for mental distress.

1226 is the last 4 digits of the ZIP code.

1226 is the last 4 digits of the ZIP code.[/quote]

Goddammit Hobart, hold the phone, me first – [b]I’m[/b] gonna sue the feckers.

Oh, the distress! The mental distress!

No, its not easy to track down. I get the distinct impression that e-mail is the preferred method of communication.

Yup, I’ve never dealt with the US Amazon site, but I order way too many books from the UK site and they have always been very efficient and polite indeed with email correspondence (even with daft buggers who can’t fill out a mailing address form properly :blush: ). I get the impression that if you tried to call them on the phone you’d get tied up interminably with call waiting, voice mail and redirects, only to be told eventually that you should email your query to the following email address…

There. That does it. 400 posts. Hmm. Might just have to buy my title rights just to see what it is. Although I really did want to save up for my own title. Decisions, decisions…

UPDATE: Och, I’m a COMrade now. Don’t want to go advertising that! Guess I’ll hold off till I get enough guanxi to buy my own title. I’m thinking of maybe Phth. Sir Don, you’ve inspired me and given me ambition.

Back to our regularly scheduled topic:

I did see a couple of Amazon.com customer service numbers listed on a coupon Web site. The last 4 digits are 7575 and 2910, although I haven’t verified them. Are these what you’re looking for?

Think Amazon is hard to find?

I emailed Bank of America 'cos I couldn’t get into the online banking service and needed to let them know my new address.

I stated very clearly that I was outside the USA and couldn’t call an 800 number. They replied asking me to call a number beginning 1-800…

My reply began “I am typing this very slowly in the hope that you will understand…”