Mister Donut


Marketing is not just advertising. What they’ve managed to do here is create tremendous word of mouth with some good press management before and during the first few days. They’ve managed to create scarcity which has increased demand. They may not have done all this intentionally, but if so it was brilliant marketing.[/quote]

yeah, that’s about what i meant. did they promote it through the press? i have a feeling they just stumbled onto it. some japanese people lining up causing a snowball effect. i don’t think press about donuts would have that big an effect. “tien tien chuan”–not exactly a new thing. if it was intentional though, brilliant marketing by definition.


Someone should sell some bottle water to those standing on line.


address? couldn’t seem to find it in this thread


or donuts.


136, 1F Shidong Road 士東路136號1樓 in Tianmu (address says Shilin, but everyone I know calls this area Tianmu) at the corner of Shidong Road and Zhongcheng Road. It is right at the southwest corner of the intersection, across from Dayeh Takashimaya and kitty corner to the baseball stadium. Phone number is (02) 2836-5884.


Oh yeah, they were all over the press the day before and couple of days after. They had camera crews out the day of and got lots of coverage on the TV news channels as well. Even the Taipei Times had an article the day before. If you do searches of the chinese language forum sites there was a lot of buzz there as well.


Mr. Donuts phenom reminds me of one thing in Taiwan: Portuguese egg


Man, I walked by there agian today…at 10:30am (half-hour before they open), and the line was already passed the auto-dealer next door. That’s just insane. They put a sign up now that says “30 per person”.


Is that a minimum or a maximum order? Or does it have to be 30 bang on?


I’m assuming it’s a limit on orders…perhaps I’m wrong. Given my poor chinese, I could only understand “30 ge/ren” as I briskly walked by. It would be amazing if it was a required order…moreso given the amont of people that were still in the line.


Are they having a problem with people getting too many donuts?

How long has the place been open now, a couple of weeks or so, right? I really feel like going up there and conducting interviews just to get to the bottom of this mystery. Are they repeat customers or people just wanting to try them out? Are they there to “be seen” and make a fashion statement? Are they taking time off from work to stand in line for several hours or are they just independently wealthy?

Mister Donut went out of business a cycle or so ago supposedly because Taiwanese people didn’t like the flavors, and now this? I like donuts, but this near hysteria is quite beyond my capacity for understanding. I’m half expecting to find donuts laced with heroin or something.


Giving the population density of the city, hypeness for the donuts, people’s general nuttiness, only one location and nothing else better to do ='s long lines. I remember when we got our first C(K)rispy C(K)reme and there were these nutty lines of cars waiting for donuts. It REALLY didn’t make any sense back in the US because there were plenty of places that had donuts that were 10 times better then KK’s donuts (those were good to, I’m just saying).

I still want to go check it out, but I’ll wait until it’s normal. I guess 3 hours isn’t that long considering I plan on waiting however many days/weeks/months it takes to die down. Now that I think about it, maybe I’ll go get some donuts (and pictures) and bring my eBook with me. That wouldn’t be so bad (if the weather is nice).


I heard the management paid alot of money to a PR firm to create the hype on TV and in print, following the Porto egg tart phenom, and therefore create this MUST SEE MUST DO MUST GO THERE trend that makes these lines grow. It’s all pure hype, and you can bet that half the people in the lines are employees or relatives of employees. Dentsu the Japanese PR firm that has a branch office in Taiwan, to make more money for Japanese-owned firms like Duskin/Mister Dough is behind all this. Yes, it’s the egg tart thing all over again. Give it 90 days.


Just to say, yes, this happened in Sydney too - Krispy Kreme opened one shop an HOUR’s drive from Sydney CBD (although to be fair, a lot closer for those living way out west who generally spend half their lives travelling in the other direction). Massive promotions, hype, free donut giveaways in major city hotspots etc., and the result was that people would travel an hour and queue for probably that again to acquire some of the prized specimens.

And yes, we’ve had donuts in Sydney for as long as I can remember :unamused: KK are lighter, and sweeter, so they were a bit different, but not worth half a day’s trip out west, IMO. Thankfully, I have retired relatives with nothing better to do :smiley:

The thing I hated about the portugese egg tart hype (I was in HK, same deal) was that once it was over it was impossible to find the bloody things except for some awful KFC ones. What about those of us who actually liked the damn things and want to keep eating them, fashion notwithstanding? :unamused: :slight_smile:


You can still get them in Macau.


I was in Breeze Center the other day and I could have swore I saw a sign that said COMING SOON! MISTER DONUT.

This is good news for those of us who live in SOHO (South of HOping (Heping)). :slight_smile:


Maoman said in a prior post that they plan to open one next month in the Breezey Center and eventually have 100 stores in Taiwan.


You can still get them in Macau.[/quote]

Yeah, thanks for that - and, I imagine, Portugal :help:

Actually, they’re pretty easy to get in Sydney (I acquired my taste for them there, actually) and London, too… obviously, I meant here. KFC. Ugh.


some bakeries here have them–Sun merry’s do for one.


You can still get them in Macau.[/quote]

Yeah, thanks for that - and, I imagine, Portugal :help:

Actually, they’re pretty easy to get in Sydney (I acquired my taste for them there, actually) and London, too… obviously, I meant here. KFC. Ugh.[/quote]

I knew that. :wink: I was trying to be funny… :blush: