Mister Donut


Congratulations to President Enterprise to make so much noise about the opening of a Donut Shop …

Congratulations to the patrons queing up for 3 hours (in words: three) to bring back some good old Easter Europe memories to me, where you also had to wait so long to buy some … bread.

I just think, to wait so long for a few donuts is sick …

Having just opened a shop by myself, it is just upsetting me to see how much you can achieve in a short time once you have the power and money behind you. (And how difficukt things are, when you start your own business with limityed resources)

Of course, I know it’s done very professional and state of the art… but at the end … it’s not a miracle to make some Donuts … so, is the product really worthwhile to spend an afternoon waiting for it ?


I’m on my way there now. I’m come back with stories of how wonderfully delicious their donuts are or amazement of how long the line is (or maybe both). Either way I’ll post pictures if the line is picture worthy.


Went there on thursday and saw the line stretch out about 20 yards or up to the small lane. Their orange and yellow sign is so unappealing but I guess donuts signs are meant to be appealing. It looks like a place to be with a balcony and nice decor. It was quite different from what I imagined and much fancier. Didn’t buy anything of course but I think the timing of Mr. Donuts near the end of summer is great as people can wait in line now for a time in non sweltering heat and humidity. If this continues into the summer I will be flabbergasted and I will turn on my creativity switch and build a Mrs.Donuts shop. The catch is there won’t be any lines and they taste better. :slight_smile:

TT didn’t have good reviews for mr. donut.

taipeitimes.com/News/feat/ar … 2003208000


I skipped getting donuts and settled for a Subway cookie instead. One of the Mr. Donut girls said there was a 4 to 5 hour wait :astonished:. One must suffer from a serious case of the nothing-else-better-to-do’s in order to wait that long for donuts.

Here’s today’s line:

[A look through the window.]

[Almost the end of the line. There were about ten more people outside of the shot after the alley.]


I suspect that’s because the review was not written by a North American, or at least it sure doesn’t sound as if it was. If it were something about waiting in line 5 hours to get into a club, I suspect the tone would be different. I thought the reviewer’s tone was offensive, especially the comment about the ‘idiotic’ customer. I’m surprised TT lets that kind of writing in. Not that I think it’s a swell idea to wait half a day for a donut ( I recently waited about 30 seconds for a few in Seoul) but I don’t see the coolness in berating people so harshly.


Miltown - the next time you head to the area, drop me a PM first. We can play flip Chinese chess or Scrabble while waiting for donuts. :smiley:


I’d be up for that :slight_smile:. You know, now that you mention it, I didn’t like the tone of that article either. It’s like the writer was jealous of Mr. Donut’s donut selling skillz (now which forumosan wrote that one :laughing:). It wouldn’t be so bad with a waiting buddy. I’d get bored by myself.


Anyone been there this weekend? Are the line ups still crazy?


I’m glad you asked. :smiley:

See my most recent blog: Friday’s Mission for Donuts


I went up there on Thursday with a friend and my video camera to interview people in line as well as one of the employees. Many people said they were there getting donuts for other people. Most hadn’t eaten the donuts before, but a couple had. One girl said she’d waited 6 hours the last time. Most people also assumed that everyone else in the line had eaten there before, and were surprised to learn that this wasn’t true.

Under the Mister Donut sign is a number, 001, which I assume means the first of at least 100 stores. The manager said the next one was supposed to be open by the end of the year, the date pushed back because of “difficulties in teaching people how to make donuts”. I’ll edit a short clip together and see how it works.


One of my wife’s friends went on Saturday and waited in line 4 hours. She got extras for us, so we had donuts for breakfast on Sunday. :slight_smile:


Interesting how some years ago when there was a donut shop in Tienmu it went under. Same product, wrong timing and promotion.



Still a three hour wait?


Tell me 914 are they worth the 3 hour wait?


Hi Oily Johny,

No, they’re not worth the three hour wait. That’s why I’m asking. If there is no wait, then I will drop by and pick up some doughnuts.

So, is there a wait?


If you decide to go, take someone with you (helps pass the time), and maybe something to do like a chess board (preferably with magnetic pieces!). Then you can look chic while waiting in line. :sunglasses:


Mister Donut has now opened an outlet at the Breeze Center (intersection of Civic Blvd. and Fuxing South Rd.).
The queue just before opening was pretty long but in the evening (around 7:30pm) there were maybe just 10-15 people lining up.


Thanks for the heads up, Rascal! Guess who’s having doughuts soon…


[quote=“Rascal”]Mister Donut has now opened an outlet at the Breeze Center (intersection of Civic Blvd. and Fuxing South Rd.).
The queue just before opening was pretty long but in the evening (around 7:30pm) there were maybe just 10-15 people lining up.[/quote]
It could be that they close the line about 6pm.


Just goes to show you, if you want to start a business here, hire people to stand on line. Red envelopes for the best neck craners. I imagine this is the hottest new dating ticket in Taiwan:

Chen Di Di: “How about we go stand in line for doughnuts?”

Chiang Xiao Jie: (Thinking to herself) “He loves me. He really, really loves me.”

According to a buddy of mine who works right across the street, the line is still there. Every freakin’ day.

I wanna gump some Bavarian Creams and I wanna gump them now! :fume: