MIT Open Course Software - FREE UNIVERSITY

I just saw a news story on CNN about Mass. Inst. of Technology Open Course Software. Basically, MIT has decided to offer ALL their classes free to the public around the world. This concept has been discussed at institutions before but this is the first instance of a prestigious university, such as MIT, getting the job done. I just browsed their sight and I was amazed at what classes are available. Of particular note was a 2 semester Chinese class. It has a downloadable text and mp3 sound. The site also allows for remote viewing of the lectures. Anyone interested in brushing up on just about any topic should take a look. Of course, summer is now upon us but come fall, these classes should be wonderful. Although you dont seem to be able to see recorded classes, you can study the materials - and, again, it is all free.
Great stuff. Good on ya, MIT.

Oh my god that is painfully cool.

Oooooooh yeeeeeeeeeah.

I’ve been waiting for them to iron out the detals on this one.


Right. I’ve found a new net cubby hole. I’m outta here.