MIZUNO shoes?

I just found a shoe call the Mizuno BE. It specifically trains certain muscles recruited in running that get neglected when wearing a running shoe.

Anyone know a shop in Taipei that stocks A LOT of Mizuno shoes?

Hey there, I know this is months after your post, and maybe not helpful, BUT there is a Mizuno store on Heping East Road, beside the HuaNan bank. Here is the address in Chinese: 106台北市大安區和平東路二段103號. Google Maps takes you to the right place.
For that matter, if you can read any Chinese, or have a friend who can help you, their website lists loads of shops all around Taiwan.
I would assume that a Mizuno shop would be the best place to find Mizuno shoes. But hopefully you figured that out already. :sunglasses:

Honestly, I see Mizuno everywhere. I have used 2 of their running shoes and give them a thumbs up. Department stores will carry them and smaller shops.