MJB in Kenting

We’ve been camping down there every Chinese New Year for the last several years (Late January, early Feb) and the weather is extremely variable during the winter months. For example, last year was in the high 20’s/low 30’s for the duration of our stay, but the year before saw rain, high winds and lows down to 10C at night and maybe 17 during the day.

It’s very hit and miss, but on the plus side the weather can vary wildy from the west to the east…For example, it may be pissing down rain in Chiaolaushei (Jialeshui), but sunny and warm in Maubitou.

Ocean is swimmable any time of the year, but be warned if diving the first thermocline you hit will take the ocean temp down to about 19C…A 5mm suit and a hood will set you right.

Crowds are smaller, interesting weather patterns and far sunnier skies than up north…

Have a good time.

sounds good, where do I sign up???