Has anyone had any luck locating a MK809 or MK809ii Android USB stick in Taipei?
If so, where and how much are they going for?

Not sure if it helps, but I made a bootable USB stick a couple of days ago for Ubuntu, although the installer can use pretty much any flavour of Linux including android, supports Android x86 2.2 and Android x86 4.0. Universal USB Installer – Easy as 1 2 3 You need to download whatever software you are using separately, and then make sure it matches the selected version and then just choose the destination drive and done.

Thanks - that’s good to know.

However the MK809 is kind of a USB stick, “just in name” - it actually has a HDMI port, a dual-core CPU, Wifi, bluetooth, etc… …the intention is to hook it up to a LCD TV and use it to surf the web, stream from a media server, act as a media-PC, for around USD50.

I may try installing Ubuntu over Android eventually, but I need to get my grubby hands on the MK809 hardware first!

I’d be interested in one of these – or a similar stock Android smartTV thingy – too. If you find one please let me know.

I went to GuangHua today and found one of these for NT$4k on the second floor:
They also have this for NT$3k, which is the same form factor as the MK809:

In both cases the specs are near identical to the MK809. The wired network port on the ATV110 was the deciding factor for me.

So far it seems pretty nice. Video is fine, it hasn’t crashed yet, and it’s just, like, an Android box. Plex runs pretty well on it, although only the Plex for Android client – apparently it’s doesn’t count as a GoogleTV box, so no Plex for GoogleTV. Using other Plex clients (from my phone or the iPad) as a remote is a bit flaky – selecting stuff to play works, but only sometimes. The basic remote features mostly do. I’ve just plugged a little keyboard and mouse into the STB for queueing things up.

Youtube etc work as you’d expect, although the UI is a bit crap and sometimes needs mouse intervention when the ATV’s own little remote doesn’t have the right button.

Anyway, generally happy, but I mostly want it as a box to hack on. Not sure it (or any other Android box) would be my first choice if I just wanted a media center.