MLB 2010 Season


Yep, Mo is the best ever. I love that guy, but I hate the Yanks.

Pappelbon He has a lifetime ERA under 2, a WHIP under 1, a batting average against under .200…

So, who’s your team, mimi?[/quote]

Okay, Pappelbon’s stats are great, given WHIP is very impressive, but his career is like 5 yr so far. Mo has been in the game forever and I wonder Pappelbon will make his career as far as Mo does. (I said its personal preferences, I was in Fenway tour days ago and there are bunch of angry pictures of him…)

and Im mega-millions-club Yanks fan. (used to love Moose) :slight_smile:

We can still be friends.

Moose Skowron or Mike Mussina?

The only autographed ball I have is from Mike Mussina from his days in Baltimore. He should make the hall. Great that he went out winning 20 (finally).

Huang Guan Chen loves the Minnesota Twins. He watched all the 1965 World Series games with his bowling team, and he proudly wore a Mudcat Grant shirt throughout it.


Moose Skowron or Mike Mussina?

The only autographed ball I have is from Mike Mussina from his days in Baltimore. He should make the hall. Great that he went out winning 20 (finally).[/quote]

Mussina, of course he was…hehe
But I dont think he would make it to the Hall of Fame thou.

Pitcher A: 243-142, .631 winning percentage, 3,507 innings, 3,153 hits, 2,303 Ks, 709 walks, 263 Win Shares, 123 ERA+.

Pitcher B: 270-153, .638 winning percentage, 3,562 innings, 3,450 hits, 2,813 Ks, 785 walks, 270 Win Shares, 123 ERA+.

Pitcher A had a better peak. Pitcher B had a few more good years.

Pitcher A is Juan Marichal, and nobody questions his hall credentials. Pitcher B is Mussina.

I predict Mussina will get in, but not in his first year. And that is stupid. If it’s been five years since a player was on the field, you should have measured his worth before voting for his induction. My momma told me to think before you act. Votes for the hall should not start at 25% and then gradually pick up over the next decade before 75% is reached.

Mussina’s 270 wins is going to look much better to voters in 4 years (not that I think wins are the best way to measure pitchers).

Dragonbones once traded a Mickey Mantle rookie card for a Tom Brunansky. His love for the Twins knows no bounds.

Mussina used the magic juice. Will that hurt his chances?

Oh yeah…

He had plenty of great teammates who were caught using (Clemens, A Rod, Giambi, Pettite).

Have you got a link to him using PEDs? Maybe my memory is failing me. :eh:

Satellite TV wears his “Twins 1987 World Champions” cap whenever he does rooftop installations.

Let’s see who we all got here and who they support…

kk - Blue Jays
Dr. McCoy - Cardinals
zender - Twins
Deuce Dropper - Red Sox? (he didn’t seem to like me suggesting they are overrated… :laughing: )
mimicupcake - Yankees
hardball - Yankees

Anyone else?

Sandman is a huge Twins fan.

He’s got an autographed 16X20 of Tom Tischinski above his bed.

Although, the World Champion New York Yankees are my fave, I think this season will be dominated by the NYY, LAA, and the Phillies. Maybe some other team(s) will collect their shit and play hardball, but those three look really unbeatable.

Oh, and despite Pappelbon (who IS great and don’t deny it) the Redsox suck.


Royals (yeah I know).

Mussina was always fun to watch. Talk about a guy who learned to adapt to his fading firepower successfully. If he was on he was virtually unhittable well into his career. When he pitched for the Yankees I think his fastball topped out in the mid-80s or so, but true to form he found a way to shave enough velocity off a sick changeup to retain the effectiveness of his fastball. I think he also developed about a dozen ways to throw a curveball, too. Plus the guy could hit targets like Alvin York at a turkeyshoot. In fact his age only showed when he missed targets and had to throw his ‘fastball’ for a strike. I detest the Yankees deep, deep, DEEP in my bones, in my very marrow, but you gotta give Mussina his due. My opinion he should get in.

He had plenty of great teammates who were caught using (Clemens, A Rod, Giambi, Pettite).

Have you got a link to him using PEDs? Maybe my memory is failing me. :eh:[/quote]
I got him mixed up with Petite. Sorry Moose.

And for your pennance . . .

Say three Hail Mannys and two Our Big Papis . . .

Go in peace to love and serve La Russa.

Opening Day is April 4th

Newsflash :discodance: :bravo: Twins sign Span to 5-year contract! :bravo: :discodance:

:pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: Mauer next :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

urodacus has followed the Twins since he met Zoilo Versalles at a Chemical Abstracts Conference in Uppsala.

Ooooh, I like the cut of your jib! :ponder:

So, now there are two yankee fans, and two of us who hope their team bus gets hit by a train and a plane simultaneously.

How about the rest of you fence sitters?

jimipresley is a Minnesota backer. He likes the way a superstar like Joe Mauer can spend a minute in the middle of the game with his hand down the front of his pants rearranging his junk in front of 30,000 adoring people.

I’m not a Yankees hater. Not a fan either, obviously. But I can stomach them winning more than the Red Sox. Nothing made me sicker than all the convenient bandwagon Boston fans coming out of the woodwork after their first World Series win in nearly a century in 2004.

Yeah, I guess most people in Taiwan like to follow a winner.

I’ve usually cheered for underdogs. I was pullin’ for Boston in 2004. Now; not so much.

I wonder if we’ll see a lot of people in Taiwan following Wang as he toils with Washington. And I wonder if they’ll be showing a lot of Nationals games. :neutral:

Buttercup is a Twins fan. She says, “Morneau is dreamy.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Go Twins! I think they will win the Central but fall short in the playoffs. Again. They just don’t have enough pitching imo to make a big run unless Liriano/Neshek revert back to pre-TJ levels.

East - yankees - the team everyone loves or hates. and I don’t love them.
Central - Twins - the White Sox do have a great starting rotation though
West - rangers - just trying to be a contrarian
WC - Rays (this will go down to the last week of the season with the Red Sox)

Surprise team - Orioles - good offense with a lot of young pitching on the way up

East - Phillies
Central - Cards
West - Rockies
WC - Braves - enough pitching and the ROY (that’s a call) in Heyward

Suprise team - Marlins - they’ve had a pretty good team but they get overlooked

World Series will be a repeat - the damn Yankees are too strong (and will win again) and the Phillies just added Halladay (although they subtracted Lee)

Opening game in Fenway is against Yankees. can you guys believe it?
Would you spend $300 for 1 ticket for Yanks vs Redsox?! Thats crazy.

When I went to Fenway games in 02 season, it was soooo easy/cheap to get the tickets coz no one wanted to see the games. After Redsox broke the curse, everyone wants to see the game now. Its not easy to get a “fair” face-value of tix. :raspberry:

Pre-season Yankees vs Tampa Bay game on now.

[quote=“zender”]Newsflash :discodance: :bravo: Twins sign Span to 5-year contract! :bravo: :discodance:

:pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: Mauer next :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:[/quote]
I hate to say it, but I don’t think there is much hope Minny can retain Mauer. He’ll want crazy money, A-Rod type money, and there’s only a few teams in the league that can and will pay it. Writing might already be on the wall.