MLB World Series 2020 The Year of the Plague Thread

I had tickets for opening day at Yankee stadium, which has become a tradition and then, well, you know.

But here we are in the playoffs, which is weird, best of three in the first round.

NYY crushed Cleveland yesterday. Yay
Cheating Astros just swept the so so sad Twins
Jeter’s Marlins look good.

Yankees/Indians game two up at 7AM, and they look good. Batting title, hr champ, best picture in baseball and best closer, and a few million dollar men made of glass.


Happy to see the thread, but tbh, had no idea who was in the running, as there were too many sports going on at once following their re-opening, with most of them having protests as the main theme instead of just playing.
Nice to see you attend opening day as a tradition.

I love it. Take the day off from work regardless. Two years ago it snowed and they rescheduled so only 10K people showed up. It. Was. Awesome. Freezing cold and all the security folks were huddle in doorways so we could essentially go wherever we wanted …seat wise.

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I really miss going to baseball games. We used to skip school to do to Rangers games. Get 10$ tickets in the top bleachers but we would sneak to behind 1st since no one really cared. This was when they really sucked so no one went to day games.


Some good ball this week. Here’s where we stand:

I am not real happy to see TB v NYY, but it seems inevitable. TB can clearly beat them. Should be good and go 5 or 6 games.

HOU over the As. hatethemhatethemhatehtemfuckingcheaters, but they are a solid team that plays nine full innings each game.

LA v SD is a toss up IMO. I think SD can pull out an upset if they play the way they just did against STL.

MIA v Atlanta. IDK. MIA just kicked the crap out of the Yankees, but it was a meaningless series the Yanks may have ignored. They looked good over the Cubbies though. And this is the kind of year that Derek friggin Jeter’s team would meet the Yankees in the world series and deny them. :rage:

Rd 2 ALDS is on.

HOU v OAK is back and forth, but I’m waiting on the NYY v TB game at 8. It’s the year of the long ball for sure.

Stanton finds his swing. Grand slam in the 9th. Yanks up 9-3.

BUsy day today:

Jeter’s Fish are behind ATL 9-4 atm…outcome, dead fish.

HOU v OAK just started

Yanks and Rays at 8


LAD and SD at 9:30

Yanks and Rays live.

Here we go!

I love MLB game pass (or whatever it’s called)…it has a catch up feature that shows you 90 seconds of highlights and then plays the game live.

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Basketball was always less on my radar, but this year I didn’t even know the playoffs started. I found out yesterday that the finals were on. I’m not even sure that hockey is still a thing.

Yeah, I have MLB TV however in NY all the Yankees games are blacked out, so I catch up in the AM if I don’t use a Reddit stream

And watching all the other games in the “condensed” version is a gift!

So, today it;s Glasnow’s fastball vs Yankees amazing plate discipline. We shall see what is what!

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VPN’s are great for that…plus, if you live in the area DVRs get the job done.

The condensed games are absolutely great, but like the 40 minute football games, you need to pay close attention. It’s not like watching live where I can do my work much of the time with the game in the background and pay attention when the game merits it. There’s something great about just having the game on in the background…

They changed the condensed games last year and showed each at bat.

That was a bit much. I prefer that plays that matter approach.

Aannd Garcia is out after 1. Happ in. I like mix and match. Joe Madden would be happy.

Stanton KILLS a line drive HR. My god.

Hmm…things are not going well.

Happ has been weak all year. He’s getting generous calls on his breaking ball though…keep that coming.

It’s the year of the long ball…and that favors NY.

Let’s see what happens second time through line up with Glasnow.


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Lot of game left, but Rays are tough…tougher on the bump than at the plate.

No day offs.

HOU is smushing OAK. It just begs the question…why cheat? You’re that good. It makes no sense.

Jeter’s Fish are baked. No way they come back. Oh no…they’re done. Best of 5.

Yankees need a win today. No doubt. Tanaka is done. 88mph fastball is not going to cut it. I get where the Rays are coming from though. Two years back a Yankee lead in the 5th was essentially a win. Bullpens rule the game now.

LA is up 2 against SD but I’ve yet to see a game…12 hrs of baseball is too much even for me.