MLB World Series 2020 The Year of the Plague Thread

Yankees just pulled ahead…tough game and the weather is killing the ball at the warning track…but not for Torres. 2 run shot!

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OK, game five let’s go!

I’m not looking past this, and I really shouldn’t, but all I want for xmas is a shot at HOUSTON,

Tied 1-1 going into the 6th. No clear path to victory yet.

Happy Yankees Elimination Day!

That was a good game. No honor lost there.

So, you’re kind of just an asshole across the board? :idunno:

Nope. Just when it comes to the Yankees. Wasn’t personal.

Everybody has teams they like, and teams they dislike, for idiosyncratic reasons. I’m happy when Barca wins, and Real Madrid loses , yet don’t don’t care about Series A or the Bundesliga (it goes back to George Orwell vs. Franco).
I cheer for Man United (where my family is from) and and am happy when Chelsea gets beat- also, any Lancashire team over any London team (second city syndrome). Met a Londoner back in the day who hated Man United, and I could sympathise- I’d probably feel the same way if I came from someplace else.
(I’d cheer for Kaohsiung teams over Taipei for the same reason, and that I used to live there, if they had the brains to organise it that way here.)

In hockey I like the Canadiens because I started following hockey in the age of Guy Lafleur, Ken Dryden, Larry Robinson, and Jacques Lemaire. I dislike the Philadelphia Flyers to this day because of the Broad Street Bullies.

In NFL I like Seattle because Washington TV stations covered Vancouver, and dislike Dallas because of Tom Landry and the phony patriotism of “America’s Team”- for the bucks.

In MLB I cheer against the Yankees, because they’re usually dominant, and (mildly) for the White Sox because I had a friend from Chicago, and because of the 1919 Black Sox (Comiskey and organised baseball were basically greedy assholes).

NBA, I don’t follow or care about.

Rugby- I like France because in the 80s when I started following it they played with dash and flair (and usually lost); then South Africa because I used to live in Rhodesia. I hate the All Blacks because they are so good.

The Yankees are the same way. Other dynasties come and go, but they’re always there, usually good, and win far too often, so you never feel sorry for them and always have somebody to cheer against…

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Ahh…one of those. I hate Boston, like viscerally, but that is tied up in our pretend histories.

I love the game itself. I love the length of the game, the keep your eye on the game aspect of it, and I like to cheer for my guys. I invest my time into them…one of the few “meaningless” things I do to assimilate into American culture. And there is no better example than baseball…attending a baseball game with friends and family…3-5 hours of down time from the rest of the rat race. I’m one of those guys that will try and see every team play in my lifetime, and try to hit every MLB field. My kid knows that I will pass on this legacy for him to fulfill if I cannot.

There is something unique in every game. Gardner’s wall catch tonight was one of them. I love love love the game.

So, my bad…I thought you were cruising over here with your IP agenda and taking a swing at me. I don’t mind losing, even though I fully expect the Yanks to win every game of every season. The Rays were a top shelf team this year and they kicked our asses during the regular season if you can call it that, when we were down a few men. But 5 games is how I wanna go out. 1-2 final score, great pitching, good at bats and few errors. It’s all good.

We’ll get them next year. Fuckers.

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Forgot to mention that my hatred was sealed in the Wang Chien-ming era, where if the Yankees won they replayed the game three times a day, twice if they lost, and once every day in the off-season, whether Wang pitched or not, and they showed no other teams because the Yankees had a Taiwanese player.

Fuck that guy. End of story. :laughing:

That was a great time. He had some great games against Boston frustrating guys with ground out after ground out.

My only other choice was the Rangers and they were a joke for a long time. So I watched the Yankees.

I have the documentary on Wang (Late Life) on my list for Netflix. Anyone seen this?

My uncle took me to Florida in 1978 during Spring Training. We saw the Rangers play and as I was sitting down close to the field, one of the players walked over to me and gave me a bat he’d split down the middle. You couldn’t tell unless you tapped the handle on the ground. Ooooh, that sound. :slight_smile:

Been busy with a whirlwind meetngreet and now set up longer term in a hotel, so let’s catch up via MLB condensed games:

Rays and HOU.

Game one…nice. Rays pitching is strong and their BP is stronger. They take game one.

Game two…NICE! Altuve blows two easy plays and despite getting a hug, HOU falls again.

Game three: NICER! Altuve sets the tone again with an big E on another throw. Ha! karma baby! Rays D is toight!

Game four: HOU pulls out a win, and I am good with it as I can now watch game 5 in the morning! Sweet!

I’m really conflicted about the Rays.

They knocked out the Blue Jays, so I don’t like them, but then again, they knocked out the Yankees so that was good.

I don’t like Houston (still haven’t forgiven them for cheating), but Tampa Bay won the Stanley Cup this year, so that city already has one championship and that should be enough.

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Never ever. I go with the A-Rod rule. You get caught, you do penance. MLB let all the players off the hook. So…well…let their brand thrive under that cloud until karma has been balanced.

That’s silly…no one cares about ice dancing. :wink:


Yeah, but don’t they deserve a championship that people will actually know about?

Ouch…but yeah. But ouch.

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Hey, I’m Canadian–we all know about it.

Keep it up with the hockey insults and I’m going to have to track you guys down and throw a traditional hockey beat down–not some wimpy baseball “fight” where everyone runs together and hugs. :grinning:

Game 5 time!

tied up at 1-1 in the third, no outs and filthy cheating HOU with two men in scoring position. :grimacing:

HOU moves ahead. 1-3.

3-3 bottom of the 8th.

I’d like to see TB put an end to this charade of champions.

Ugh…Game 7.