MNSBC journalist refuses on air to report on Paris Hilton

Sorry to fan the flames of this non-issue. The only thing I like about Paris is that nasty video of her that her spiteful ex-boyfriend released. I think it’s about the only worthwhile thing she’s ever accomplished. Still, this is worth a laugh…

Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC rips up Paris report

Censorship plain and simple. The sorry state of affairs in the US.

Good on her, I doubt we’d even be hearing the name Paris Hilton had she not unwittingly become the most famous porn star of a generation.

funny stuff, but scripted?

Scripted, surely. But I think they make a point worth making. When I work out what it is I’ll post again.

I’ve had 47 Heinekens, admittedly, but this newsreader on MSNBC is the business. I’m going to look out for her. If I remember when I sober up, of course. It’s tough being an alcoholic. This is something I think the Careers Master at school should have explained more fully.

Now that ladies and Gents, is a TRUE American hero!! :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

I’m going to write MNSBC to support that action!

Don’t get too excited about her act. It’s all entertainment. If she really was concerned about being a serious news station and felt it was below her to waste time speaking about such trifles, she wouldn’t have spent 10 minutes discussing how she wasn’t going to discuss it, but would have just ignored the non-story and gone straight to the news.

But they didn’t do that, because “news” is entertainment, most viewers would rather see Britney’s underwear (or Paris reunited with mummy) than boring politics or dead bodies in Iraq and the “news” outlets are fighting for viewers, so they all stoop to giving the public what they want. MSNBC is no different from the others; they just wanted to (a) do a story on Paris complete with photos while (b) at the same time pretending it’s beneath them to dwell on such trivia.

Moreover, one doesn’t require a brain to be an anchorperson. Just a pretty face, nice hair, good teeth, not too fat (unless you’re a weatherperson) and an ability to act solemn and concerned when discussing serious matters like dead people. I suspect if she’s at all bothered by the excessive reporting on Paris, that’s not because she’d prefer to discuss real news but because she’s jealous that everyone’s interested in Paris and not her. Hence her coy little act to draw attention to herself. But that’s just my opinion. Could be she’s a rocket-scientist and is greatly concerned about serious matters.

MT, do you like women? :laughing:

Well said, Mother Theresa.
However, in the vastly sick & demented world of modern day american television, such inane fluff could turn out to be a thin edge of a fine, pivoting edge.
Or maybe not.
That said, any anti-Haris Pilton propaganda is a fit flag to fly. :homer: