Mobile input taking the whole screen

Until recently, maybe one or two days ago, the input box on mobile would take only the lower half of the screen, so I could still read the thread when posting.
Now, it takes the whole screen, which is kind of annoying, especially if I need to refer to posts above mine.
Is anyone else having the same issue?


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Is that something with Forumosa or with Discourse?

That’s something with Discourse but I haven’t researched the problem at


You’re correct.
I just found a post complaining of a similar bug there:

Seems it’s not really the same issue (perhaps different experience for iphone and android users?), but I added my comment to the thread there as well.


Could that be a solution, @GooseEgg and @pfaffman ?

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Urgh, an unrelated CSS issue may make it hard to test this at the moment.

What unrelated CSS issue?

It’s hard to explain but it’s going to take a little time to fix. They went and changed something.

I see.
Is it my impression or do they do such changes frequently and don’t listen to users feedbacks?

It’s a work in progress. I think they listen, and they will correct things, but they tend to stick with their own reasons for doing things a certain way when they think they’re right. Not sure about the cause of this change but it may have more to do with my own inexperience in using CSS. I should have some time to try to start sorting it today.

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That code doesn’t seem to do anything.

Can you replicate the issue?

I see the same thing as you in Android Chrome, yes.

Anyone having the same issue in other browsers?

Looks ok on my ASUS Zenfone

@RickRoll, try it in Test theme and see if it’s any different?

That’s not okay.
The composer is taking the whole screen!

Yes! It’s working!

Now, you just need to apply it to the best of all themes: Darkmosa!


It’s not working for me though. I may know why but not sure. If anyone else can test it, please report back