Moblog, photoblog, mobile bloging, etc

Anybody else rocking the mobile photo blog hotness? If so what software/host are you using?

I just signed up with:

and it seems pretty cool. For some reason I couldn’t get me normal pop mail account to work on the phone, but luckily buzznet can accept MMS (or maybe that’s the standard, I don’t know). Well, it was really easy getting the MMS to work and I got me first post up. The quality of the T610 is ass (making me kind of wish I went for the k700i), but it still looks like it should be fun.

Here are some other ones I’ve found: (this ones looks good too) (seems to be geared to the US)

I’ll probably join them all and see which I like best.
(now that I’m not playing [url= Online[/url] 8 hours a day I need to find ways to eat up time :slight_smile:)

And a mobile photo blog is what exactly?


The follow blog contains high levels of sexiness. Viewer discretion is advised.

I’m BLIND!!! :help: :help:

I’ve got a normal blog, but you can upload picks to that one as well.

Ah, but you knew something I didn’t. Your using with it, but I didn’t like that software very much. The only other choice I had was ftping, editing, etc. everything manually (I’m much too lazy for that). I just signed up for flickr and I think it’s exactly what I’m looking for.

It will handle the photo stuff and be able to post pictures I send from my phone. That flickr site works with a whole bunch of blogging software as well ( included). So I think I’ve found what I’m looking for.

It’s kind of sad the way I think doing all the image and html stuff manually is too much work. But it’s tedious when you want to do it a lot.

flickr is not that great thought. I can only upload 10MB a month so had to open several accounts to be able to upload as many pictures as I want.


I’m mostly going to be using it to upload pictures taken with my phone. I’ll still be looking for some software I can use on my PC that will edit (make nice thumbnails and resize larger pics) and upload pictures in a smooth fashion. I don’t think I’ll ever hit the 10 meg limit using only my phone.

If I find another way to post pictures with my phone without using I third party (using my own web space), I’ll be sure to post it.

My friend uses blogplanet tool. He used this nifty tool to post stuff on his Wordpress site. His mobile phone is the Nokia 6200 (USA).

Can one just advertise one’s own blog here? I’ll just give it try then. Here you go:

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Let me know what music you like and I’ll put it there for you.

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The blogplanet tool looks pretty cool, but it doesn’t appear to be compatible with my phone. flickr is doing an excellent job, I’m happy with it. I also found a way to post a lot of pictures in a semi-professional looking manner with minimal work. Photoshop has a feature that will make an image gallery and you can set what size you want the thumbnails and images to be. I did end up going into the html to remove and move some things around, but it was a pretty speedy process. Here’s what me end result looked like (I chose the most simple looking template):

From Friday’s 3 hour donut waiting adventure.

If I can make my own template the Photoshop tool will be perfect.

Found something else that looks good:

Haven’t tried it yet though.

How long does it take to upload a picture with a camera phone?

I want to say a few seconds, but definitely less than a minute. My pictures are usually about 20K and I’d guess they take about 20 seconds.

(Just did a test and 14K took 25 seconds from the time I hit send, but it varies.)

Didn’t take long to get posted either.

I’m looking for another way to moblog that will host the pictures on my server instead of flickr’s, but flickr has been good thus far.

The quality of my camera is low plus I also took a close-up of something behind glass.

That’s one rockin’ fro’ man :smiley:

Who woulda thought, when that picture was taken you would be saying, “Look Ma, it’s the internet from Taiwan!”