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Anybody out there streaming MOD services via WiFi to other devices - breaking free of the one device MOD box??


I noticed the ASN channel (179) – the one that showed the NHL and American Football, among other sports, is no longer there. Did it move to a different channel, did they drop it, or what? Anyone know?


After checking in the menus, it looks like you have to subscribe to ASN for free from 2013-07-01, which I did and worked (still on 179). But it is also said that it will be removed (下架) on 8/31…


I have a Slingbox, works well.

Another solution I use is MOD AV/Component to an AV/Component capture device connected to my computer, with a third party IR blaster, and watching with VirtualDub.


ASN is back so I don’t know what’s happening. Maybe it will disappear again on 8/31.


Problem… and argument with the MOD repair guy. We are watching our favorite channels in English. Suddenly the screen flickers and freezes for a fraction of a second and it’s back to Chinese again. The flickering and freezing happens on all channels btw. As soon as I said the word Ing Wun (sorry for bad pinyin) he went all freaky on me and would not listen, just played with his computer and called the head office. He wouldn’t even look at the screen much. He even told me it was fixed until it happened in front of him. Funny thing… he was not alone. They were both older guys but one was obviously the apprentice and one the master. The apprentice saw everything but deferred the old guy… Of course… my Chinese is too poor to give a good description of the problem.

He said it was a national problem with the program provider. He would not really listen to see that it affects all channels. I think it’s the box. My theory… first it started every hour or so, as time progressed it has gotten to almost every ten minutes… I feel the box is over heating, resets, falls back to the default language or some thing like that. Have you had this mysterious freezing and language changing. I think you probably haven’t. Let me know… I will argue for a new box.


Yesterday, all was working fine. Today, I can not change the channels on the remote. Remote volume, mod buttons working fine. I just cannot enter a channel on the numerical keypad or change the channels up and down. What’s going on? Thanks!


did you try rebooting the box?


Done. Working fine now. Thanks.


I boot the box daily. It seems to solve most problems. Except the occasional oddities on itv choice channel.


The continues changing of language back to Chinese is probably at the providers side when the satellite signal resets due to poor reception or something similar.

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We recently got our 4th ( FORTH) repair / replacement in 12 months :thumbsup:

We must rent from Taiwan mobile here in Linkou as they own the crib but damn, their devices as service is BAD.

Biggest problem is that when streaming YouTube, ITunes Apple TV, the RAM from their routers get quickly filled, obliging us to manual reboot / drain the RAM. They tried with 3 routers, and know they have split wifi and router over 2 devices. No change.

Not to speak about the forced almost daily spam mail they send through MOD receiver, which you even can’t switch off :raspberry:


Taiwan mobile has nothing to do with MOD from CHT to my knowledge … MOD is through your fixed line from CHT … and I don’t think that Taiwan Mobile owns that cable

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[quote=“Belgian Pie”]The continues changing of language back to Chinese is probably at the providers side when the satellite signal resets due to poor reception or something similar.

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Ok, enough shouting… I had people come and go for the very same problem that I mentioned here a while ago. After the people insisted it was a provider problem, than network problem. The repairman did not understand English and was too busy playing with his cell phone that he did not see the problem happen right before his eyes. Only the silent assistant saw the problem but could not interrupt the boss. Anyway… they got me a brand spanking new box, problem gone. Solved. Good luck…

Now my question. As Laurel and Hardy were installing my new box, I saw menu language options pop up. I think my Box has an English Menu Option. I know it does… But I just don’t know how to get into it.

I tried asking Laurel and Hardy but they did not understand me. And I figured… they got it working better get them out of my house before it doesn’t. Missed four weeks of favorite TV shows…

So tell me… Does mod have an English option? How do I get to it? Would it affect the program guide, I hope?. Thanks.

Question or wish number two… What do all those buttons mean on the MOD controller that looks like Record and Play? Does the box contain the circuitry need to record programs off the air? IF so, that a bummer that we have a box that is able to but won’t record due to a permissions thing. Is there a way to crack it? I’m sure that would be highly illegal though.


So, I noticed 2 things on MOD last night:
1] I subscribe to the history package, but it was gone. Has the channels been removed, does anyone else got the same problem?
2] While searching through the menu’s to make sense of my lost channels, I saw the option to record programs… How does this work, do I need to rent a seperate HD?


According to CHT the provider did some upgrading on those channels and you and at least me need to resubscribe, they should be up today as they said … as for recording, you need to have the over 60MB download speed package which gives you another MOD device that can record, probably there’s a HDD inside … those are not my words but from the service representative.

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Got it back … just resubscribed!

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Much obliged !


There’s been a recent change to the 175 sports channel – it used to show Asian-oriented sports (badminton, ping pong, volleyball champs that took place in Thailand and Japan, etc.) along with European football (EPL and Bundesliga – which came on weekend nights and with a few replays during the week). Now they have split football off and put it on a dedicated football channel – 179 – which shows the EPL on Sat and Sun nights as before, but shows replays of the weekend’s EPL and Bundesliga replays all day every day. Great for football fans who get the chance see all the different teams from both leagues.


I confess that I haven’t read through the whole 38 pages of this thread, so if this question was already answered, my apologies.

The question is: Can I block this pay-per-view stuff? We have a home stay, and we’re thinking about getting MOD, but I do NOT want my guests running up our bill with pay-per-view movies.

Thanks in advance.