MOD (Media On Demand)


They have almost all channels MOD has, plus all HBO and HIT channels and movie channels MOD doesn’t have. Saw it last week, don’t have it tho. It’s probably the most expensive package.


Just picked up the MOD brochure listing out the changes to the channel numbers from the friendly neighborhood CHT office. Looks like only the channel numbers are changing. No channels have been taken out or added from what I could see.


If you google BBTV Taiwan, they have a list of channels. Also, they are looking for Sales Representatives in Taiwan if anyone is looking for a job.


Again, they change channel numbers twice a year, almost!


I don’t think they’ll add channels straight away. Last time, it didn’t happen like that either. But without the slots, it’s unlikely to happen at all.


There were huge complaints even in the media the last time they made changes. Wonder what this one is about.


They like to ‘organize’ their channels according to content and language.


They changed their channels again. Here is a link to a simple guide of old channel numbers to new channel numbers.

And a guide new to old.


Why do they change everything randomly. They messing with the layout on a small scale. And now they just made a completely new layout of everything.


There is a system to it now. And I think they are preparing for an expansion of channels, so they have more space to put them.


And again, MOD cut off CBS entertainment, no more ‘The Late Show’. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


What channel was that? I watch Late Show with Jimmy Fallon and it seems to rotate between Comedy Central 380, E! 381, and CNBC 554.


631, with Stephen Colbert, gone!

They added 632 HITS and 633 MCE or something, 629, 630


Just saw a commercial for classic TV M.A.S.H. and Seinfeld just finished.


MOD sucks.


Colbert is on Youtube. So you can still get your fix there. Free!


But they had other good TV series too, I hated their talent stuff show and X-factor, actually anything that’s produced by Simon Cowell.


I can never get a good feed on YouTube that always seems to be bits and parts.


It’s copyrighted.


OK, so nearly 10 years later, how has MOD improved? How has it declined?

I always chuckle when nearly decade old threads pop up on the front page of Forumosa.