MOD TV / Netflix

Two questions:

  1. We just came back and got the MOD cable box with our internet. For the life of me, I can’t get it to display the tv channels. I do the little cube then select channels and for the channels I get a black screen with a little preview on the bottom right. But no manner of button pushing gets the actual channel to appear. Feeling stupid about this, but hoped one of you could help. I had it before and could always get it to work.
  2. For Netflix, I have a US account which works on my laptop no problem. I was able to register it on the MOD box but anytime I select a show it goes up to 99% and then tells me to pick another title or try again later.

Thanks for the help!

Doesn’t the Netflix account just switches to which ever country you’re in.

I made mine in the US, I used Taiwan’s Netflix in Taiwan and it switched to the Italian one I’m Italy.

My netflix works fine on my own devices but not via the MOD system. I’m going to try our Amazon Fire too, but ideally simpler is better.