MOD without CHT DSL

My wife (Taiwanese) just signed me up for a cellular plan with CHT and they said it can be bundled with MOD at a discount. We used to have MOD in our last house with CHT VDSL but now we have internet through another company and it is not VDSL.

Will the CHT guys install a DSL modem just for MOD or can it work over any internet connection?

I want to know so no I can arrange any cabling myself if possible because the installer people that come tend to do a rough job.

It runs on a private CHT network. It’ll need its own cable.

Based on my experience, no, you must have CHT Internet service. Some may not know, but all Internet connections are routed through CHT anyway, so unless you’re getting a much better deal than they offer through another company, it might be worth it to change. MOD isn’t that expensive, but check what channels are available and for what price because channels come and go and when I quit it was barely worth it.

The MOD requires 2 things to be able to stream, well 3.

  1. The actual service enabled on your account.
  2. An IP address specified by the company that allows the stream.
  3. Login details which will allow it also, which is part of 1.

You get a certain number of IP address allocations here,not like western where rebooting your router will give you any free random IP. You probably have around 6 specific IP addresses dedicated to you only, so when a reboot occurs, you get 1 of those 6, which will all have MOD enabled on it. It’s not enough just the username and password.