Modded Xbox

Quite simply I’m in need of a place in Kaohsiung that either sells mod chips or will install a mod chip. A place that sells pre-modded xbox’s would be even that much better.

You’ll probably struggle. About 6 months ago I did a lot of shopping around and found that I coulddn’t get mine modded here, In the end I got it done here in the states with an executer pro, they even threw in a 2nd controller. Got a good deal where they wrote 2nd hand box on the sales receipt to limit tax.I hope yours has a samsung drive. They also told me they buy their chips from here so go figger.

Well see I currently don’t have an XBOX. I’ve looked at the webpage and was thinking about just purchasing an xbox/chip/hd/new dvd etc. etc. but shippin to Taiwan is $120. This brings the total price of the unit from $419 USD to $539 USD. Which is quite pricey.

How much was yours to ship?

amos, whats the diff between the executer lite, pro versions? i looked at the descriptions. it wasn’t very helpful to me.

Kenny, There are two differences between the lite and pro.

The first being the Bios Capability (Each BIOS bank can be selected via a set of dip switches on your chip). The Lite chip has the capability to store two 512K BIOSes or one 1024K BIOS whereas the Pro chip can store four 256K, two 512K, or one 1024K BIOS. I have a pro and have never even touched the BIOS.

The other difference is in the Flashing of the chip. The Lite chip doesn’t come with an external LPT (Parallel) port programmer. It has to be flashed via the FlashBios included with the chip. The Pro chip can be flashed via FlashBios as well as via the included LPT port programmer (by connecting it to your computer). The pro also allows the recovery of failed/corrupted BIOSes by flashing externally. If you buy a pre modd, it’s already been flashed so getting a lite means no difference.

None of really means anything to the average user nor would it make an iota of difference. I actually only wanted a lite but because I had to wait such a long time for my order (I ordered when they still accepted backorders) they threw the pro upgrade in for free. With either you can watch dvds, play media and play backups of every disc variety (providing you have a samsung drive).

brykev, I think I paid something similar for shipping, but when I bought my box it was $289 + shipping. It was fed express shipping so once it was sent off, I got it straight away. I have a lot of games :wink: so I think it well worth it.

Cheers Amos.

Perhaps it’ll be easier for me to simply purchase an xbox here and mod it myself. The price from the states isn’t really that bad considering it comes with a 120gb drive as well. I’ll have to look into it more, perhaps some friends of mine in Hong Kong know of places that do it.

If you get it in HK, you’ll probably have to get a step down converter. Not sure though, but check their power usages - either that or run you box through the air conditioner socket. There used to be an xbox exporter in HK called Lik Sanh or something similar, Microsoft cloed them down but there was talk that they might somehow comeback - check them out too. Modding your box yourself if definately the way to go, I was just scared I’d screw it up. I always made hackjobs in metalwork at school :imp: