Model Agency Take

What is a reasonable agency fee for a local model agency? Is is the same for local & foreign models? I’m asking because I just got my first job thru a local agency. I don’t plan to make a career out of this, it’s just a diversion at this point. But I was surprised to hear that the agency wants a 40% take. They say it’s standard for “first year”.

I’ve seen the few other posts on this topic, but none of 'em mentioned money. If you’ve got experience, please tell me (a) is 40% reasonable, (b) did you sign a contract per job, © how was payment made, (d) any agencies to avoid.


I heard that if you act you in a commercial you can make 1000/hour and the agent will get 500/hour on top of that. So, 1500/hour is what the commercial people will pay for a foreigner actor.

Yes 40% is standard here. If you have tons of experience, and you’re really hot or something and they really want you, then you MIGHT be able to get it down to 30%.

Yes its a rip off from what i’ve heard, but standard.

Well, getting paid 1000/hour for “posing” (aka doing jack shit) isn’t bad. Money for old rope as they say!

The way I understand it, that 40% should be paid to the agent by who ever hires you. You get your money, and the agency gets 40% of whatever you got. So, you shouldn’t be giving the agent another 400NT per hour, if you’re getting 1000.

I’ve never done this myself. My friends do it a bit. They are paid cash at the end of the day.

I’ve never heard of anyone being paid so little for acting in commercials. Is that really what they’re paying now?