Model Rockets

Does anyone know a shop selling model rockets? I live in Kaohsuing, but I suppose if the store had a website it could ship it to me from Taipei.
Any good?

EA - Very informative site… IF I wanted to build my own rocket/missile, hehe.

I am looking for a model kit… planning on giving it to a student of mine who is really into building things.

I want to find info on this too, I used to be in National Association of Rocketry, was certified Level 1 for high powered rocketry too. The problem is engines, no one seems to sell them here and it’s not like you can just order them from America and ship it… they are considered hazardous therefore no one would ship it overseas, and customs is likely to reject it. Unless I can make my own engine I can’t really do this…

googling 藥柱火箭 yielded a few vendors
shows that this shop is sold out.
But the text at the bottom has group buy info.
Probably can call to find out if they are willing
to order a batch.

Tel: (02) 2303-0896
04-23899985 … ts_id=2364


All I really need is engines… I can make the rest of the rocket myself with some tools. Paper tube is easy enough to come by, you can buy sheets of balsa from most stationary stores, perhaps blocks of balsa wood too. You can make nosecones by using a block of balsa and a lathe, or if you do not have a lathe for whatever reason, a drill works too. Just glue a stick to the drill (I recommend a hard wooden dowel or if you want something reusable a steel rod works too). In fact there are many laser cutting shops around Taipei, I am sure if you want to do something high powered, they should be able to cut out fins for you out of plywood or fiberglass sheets.

If there is enough interests here we can actually do a little bit of experimental rocketry, you can make composite engines out of paper tubes, chemicals like Ammonium Perchlorate, Aluminum powder, iron oxide, HTPB binders, etc. but you need vacuum pumps, and a motor casing which can be purchased from the US if you lack a machine shop (obviously you would make your motor loads to fit those casing). I don’t know what laws are applicable here but then again in Taiwan laws are suggestions…