Moderators not following site policy? What to do?

Two days ago I joined the website and responded to the question posted below by Imaniou.

ImaniOU wrote:

Does anyone else underline the difference between simply “teaching English” and being a real “English teacher”? Am I the only one fed up with these losers?

My response posted in the Teaching English forum:

I grabbed this off of the University of Washington website. This should answer your question about what is the difference between a real “English teacher” and everyone else…

Once you have earned your BA in English, completed your English/Language Arts Endorsement requirements, and completed all other required prerequisites for the teacher certification master’s or post baccalaureate programs you’re interested in, you’ll be ready to apply to a teacher education program and earn your certification for secondary education.

If you don’t meet these standards, then you “teach English.” This includes TESOL/TESL/ESL majors or certificate holders. Nothing wrong with that, you’re just not a real “English teacher.”

I believe what Imaniou wants is recognition that she actually cares about her job. Unfortunately in every field there are people who work hard and those who just get by.

I then recieved this slanderous and vicious email from Imaniou who I come to find out is a moderator. This is the message I was sent by PM:
[color=red]Deleted by Maoman. It is against[/color] [color=red]the rules[/color] [color=red]to post Private Messages (PMs) on Forumosa.[/color]

[color=red]Thank you for your immediate attention and compliance.

Forumosa Admin [/color]

I immediately responded to Imaniou demanding that she does not PM or contact me in anyway. I will not tolerate this kind of intimidation. I then informed Goose Egg (who sent me the original welcome to the site) of this so called “welcome” and I’m told that there is nothing I can really do about it because Imaniou is a moderator. I inform him that in my opinion it is important that all the moderators, the site administrators, other members, and most importantly those who advertise on this website become aware of this situation. I thought one of the rules on this site, which is clearly visable, states-

Treat people with respect. Don’t be rude or bigoted. Discuss the message, not the messenger.

Oh boy…let me get a comfy seat for this one…

Dear Poo, as a previously banned member (yes, we checked the ip addresses), you should be more than familiar with our rules and policies, one of which is not posting Private Messages, which by definition, are private. As far as Imani’s PM to you, I read it, Gus read it, and all we can do is agree with her. Please go away. Actually, I’m going to do a little more than that. As required by the moderators, I’m going to have to reban you.


This isn’t what I recall I wrote you. I wrote you that I would ask ImaniOU about the matter.

I also reminded you that without any details (facts, context, etc.), I am inclined to trust the moderator - you had only sent me ImaniOU’s PM.

Between a moderator and a 2-day old poster, you expect otherwise? :noway:

Funny, I mentioned absolutely nothing about the post he cites, but that very post is what clued me in on who he really was. He didn’t put up his post excusing racism against blacks having seen my numerous responses in that thread. He chose this one. I guess he knew that’s how I knew too.

Glad I didn’t have to out him as he did a fine job of doing it himself.