Modern Apartment in Taiwan

Hi everyone,

I was on 591, searching for apartments in Taipei/New Taipei. I found that the listings look a bit outdated, or the layout of the apartment is pretty odd.

I don’t have a budget when looking for a spacious studio, maybe 23,000TWD/month? Can anyone shed some light on where I could look for a more “westernized” styled apartment ? Or, just something more updated/modern? (i.e. district area, website etc…) Should I increase my budget?

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for 23,000TWD/month maybe do you need look Tamsui area.
23,000TWD/month its a bit low for what do you want to find in Taipei and some part of New Taipei City

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What’s spacious ?
Taipei city would have very few new builds or renovated spacious apartments at your budget, basically none.

New Taipei city will have plenty of apartments
But again how many ping we talking about ? One or two bedroom apartment not a problem. Three…gets more difficult.

Tamshui, Xinjiang, Shijr, Ankeng, Sanxia, Linkou…Loads of choices. Some choices prob in Zhonghe and Yonghe and Xindian but again…How big apt? Close to MRT?

The layouts are pretty crap in Taiwan with kitchens especially being really small.
Might get lucky but tough in North Taiwan. A lot of shitty old apartments in the old town center areas and older suburbs.

Taipei is not that divided in rich or fancy areas -except maybe Xinyi- so basically it is all mixed up, old and modern, one next to the other.

Hence, it is better to find the area you prefer for convenience in access to work or study, then a building you like within it.

23k is more than enough for a furnished studio. 591 is not the best place for high quality stuff. Look for a reputable real estate agent, explain your needs and best of luck.

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23k should be just enough for a newer studio.