MOE Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Length

I received an email today from my TECO office that I will be awarded a 2 month HES if I am still interested.
I really want to study for longer than 2 months, much longer in fact. I am afraid that if I accept the scholarship, then I will go through it in 2 months, and then never be able to apply for another HES again (on the application it asks if you have received a MOE scholarship in the past. I am assuming they are trying to get new applicants).
Can I extend my scholarship after the two months are up? -or- If I accept the 2 month scholarship, can I apply for another one when it expires?
If I want to study for more than 2 months, should I decline the scholarship now, then re-apply next semester hoping for a longer duration?

Seems rather pointless to study for such a short time.

They want to get you here so you stay much longer than the initial two months and they earn back what they gave you in scholarship fees!! Think of it as bait and switch. Get the suckers here, who then realize they spent ALL that money coming here, so it would make sense to stay, but you don’t get the scholarship.

OK, I don’t know the answer to your question, but I think it is a good trick they are using.