MOE ordered self health management? Getting covid with your vax

My school registered and arranged vaccinations for us.
SO I went to expo park and got vax’d last week, and suprise suprise, being in an auditorium with a few hundred people, some other teacher there had covid.

"MOE just notified the school that the time when you took your Covid-19 vaccination on 7/29, a teacher was confirmed with having Covid-19. They have issued an order that all teachers who may have contact with this infected teacher would need to perform self-regulation.

Please do the following until Aug. 12:

  1. Wear a mask at all times.
  2. Don’t eat with anyone.
  3. Refrain from taking public transport.
  4. Monitor your health to see if you have any Covid-19 symptoms and seek help when necessary. "

14 days of taxis?? I looked up the self management rules on the CDC website and can only find that I should not take public transport to go get medical help if I have symptoms…

Then I got a text message, I assume to be from CDC.
" 親愛的市民朋友 您於7/29下午曾造訪與新冠肺炎確診者足跡相同之場域(花博公園爭艷館),若您有發燒、呼吸道症狀、腹瀉、或嗅/味覺異常等疑似症狀,請至所在縣市之醫院評估採檢或撥打1922或衛生局、所洽詢,謝謝。"

Am I missing something on the CDC website maybe not in English?
I remember my 7 day self health management after quarantine was basically go about your normal life…

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It’s not complicated. Stay away from public transit during this period. Find an alternative—work from home, ride a bike, whatever it takes.

I’d also advise you to let your boss (principal?) know about this situation ASAP. Perhaps the work from home option will suddenly appear.


It might be cheaper to get a scooter.