MOE/Public School application process questions


Hello, I am a Canadian certified teacher who is interested in applying to teach in a Taiwan public school for the 2019/2020 year. I have taught English in a Korean public school through the GEPIK program, before I was a licenced teacher. Since becoming a licenced teacher, I have worked pretty much full time as a substitute teacher in my local school board, but full-time jobs are hard to come by… I liked teaching abroad, and am interested in Taiwan— I would like to teach in an international school, but due to my lack of full-time experience, the MOE might be a realistic employment goal for me.

I have looked at the official website for recruiting public school teachers: Man, I know I’m really early! The 2019/20 application form isn’t up yet, but I’m still looking…

I’m wondering, has anybody else gone through this application process lately? I know I can contact FET directly with questions about the application, and I will, but I am interested in hearing from somebody who has been through the application process last year or the year before. My main questions are:

  1. Was your doctor confused by the Health Certificate Form?
  2. Do you scan and email all the required documents? Or, do you have to send a big package in the mail? The website isn’t entirely clear.

I know I am looking into this application way too early, but I’m just curious if any recent applicants want to talk about the 2 questions above. Thanks :smiley:


Hi kaypea! I hope this isn’t too forward/not kosher, I’m new to this forum since I just moved to Taiwan a few weeks ago. I just wanted to let you know that I actually just started working for a company called Teach Taiwan that helps place English teachers in the public schools. I’m still learning about the company but from what I understand (and have experienced myself) they’re a really big help in assisting you in finding a placement, navigating through all the paperwork, and even reimbursing for air travel. There’s actually no cost to you as the teacher for these services. Again, not trying to “sell” you something you’re not interested in, but since you mentioned public schools I just thought I would see if it’s of some use to you! Their website explains their process here, or you can message me for more info!