MOE's wordlist/s

Does anybody know where I can find the MOE’s wordlist for Elementary schools? I’ve been searching online with no success. Your assistance will be appreciated.

A - 49 a (an), a few, a little, a lot, able, about,
above, afraid, after, afternoon, again, age, ago,
agree, air, airplane (plane), airport, all, almost,
along, already, also, always, a.m., America, American,
and, angry, animal, another, answer, any, anyone
(anybody), anything, apartment, appear, apple, April,
arm, around, arrive, art, as, ask, at, August, aunt,
autumn (fall), away
B - 79 baby, back, bad, bag, bakery, ball, banana,
band, bank, baseball, basket, basketball, bath,
bathroom, be (am, are, is, was, were, been), beach,
bear, beautiful, because, become, bed, bedroom, bee,
beef, before, begin, behind, believe, bell, belong,
below, belt, beside, between, bicycle (bike), big,
bird, birthday, bite, black, blackboard, blind, block,
blow, blue, boat, body, book, bookstore, bored,
boring, born, borrow, boss, both, bottle, bottom,
bowl, box, boy, bread, break, breakfast, bridge,
bright, bring, brother, brown, brush, build, burn,
bus, business, businessman, busy, but, butter, buy, by

C - 79 cake, call, camera, camp, can (could), candy,
cap, car, card, care, careful, carry, case, cat,
catch, celebrate, cell phone, cent, center, chair,
chalk, chance, change, cheap, cheat, check, cheer,
cheese, chicken, child, China, Chinese, chocolate,
chopsticks, Christmas, church, circle, city, class,
classmate, classroom, clean, clear, climb, clock,
close, clothes, cloudy, club, coat, coffee, Coke,
cold, collect, color, come, comfortable, comic,
common, computer, convenient, cook, cookie, cool,
copy, correct, cost, couch, count, country, cousin,
cover, cow, crazy, cross, cry, cup, cut, cute
D - 39 dance, dangerous, dark, date, daughter, day,
dead, dear, December, decide, delicious, department
store, desk, dictionary, die, different, difficult,
dig, dining room, dinner, dirty, dish, do (does, did,
done), doctor (Dr.), dog, doll, dollar, door, down,
dozen, draw, dream, dress, drink, drive, driver, drop,
dry, during
E - 41 each, ear, early, earth, east, easy, eat, egg,
eight, eighteen, eighth, eighty, either, elementary
school, elephant, eleven, else, e-mail, end, English,
enjoy, enough, enter, eraser, eve, even, evening,
ever, every, everyone (everybody), everything,
example, excellent, except, excited, exciting, excuse,
exercise, expensive, experience, eye
F - 59 face, fact, factory, fall, family, famous, fan,
farm, farmer, fast, fat, father (dad, daddy),
favorite, February, feel, festival, few, fifteen,
fifth, fifty, fill, finally, find, fine, finger,
finish, fire, first, fish, fisherman, five, fix,
floor, flower, fly, follow, food, foot, for, foreign,
foreigner, forget, fork, forty, four, fourteen,
fourth, free, fresh, Friday, friend, friendly, from,
front, fruit, full, fun, funny, future
G - 26 game, garbage, garden, gas, get, gift, girl,
give, glad, glass, glove, go, goat, good, good-bye
(goodbye, bye), grade, grandfather (grandpa),
grandmother (grandma), grass, gray, great, green,
ground, group, grow, guess
H - 54 habit, hair, half, ham, hamburger, hand,
handsome, happen, happy, hard, hard-working, hat,
hate, have (has, had), he (him, his, himself), head,
headache, health, healthy, hear, heart, heat, heavy,
hello, help, helpful, here, hi, hide, high, hill,
history, hit, hobby, hold, holiday, home, homework,
honest, hope, horse, hospital, hot, hot dog, hotel,
hour, house, how, however, hundred, hungry, hurry,
hurt, husband
I - 15 I (me my mine myself), ice, ice cream, idea,
if, important, in, inside, interest, interested,
interesting, Internet, into, island, it (its, itself)
J - 13 jacket, January, jeans, job, jog, join, joy,
juice, July, jump, June, junior high school, just
K - 16 keep, key, kick, kid, kill, kilogram, kind,
king, kiss, kitchen, kite, knee, knife, knock, know,
L - 45 lake, lamp, land, language, large, last, late,
later, laugh, lazy, lead, leader, learn, least, leave,
left, leg, lemon, lend, less, lesson, let, letter,
library, lie, life, light, like, line, lion, lip,
list, listen, little, live, living room, lonely, long,
look, lose, loud, love, low, lucky, lunch
M - 57 machine, magic, mail, mailman (mail carrier),
make, man, many, map, March, mark, market, married,
math(mathematics), matter, may (might), May, maybe,
meal, mean, meat, medicine, medium, meet, meeting,
menu, mile, milk, million, mind, minute, Miss, miss,
mistake, modern, moment, Monday, money, monkey, month,
moon, more, morning, most, mother (mom, mommy),
motorcycle, mountain, mouse, mouth, move, movie, Mr.,
Mrs., Ms., much, museum, music, must
N - 31 name, national, near, neck, need, never, new,
news, next, nice, night, nine, nineteen, ninety,
ninth, no, nobody, nod, noise, noodle, noon, north,
nose, not, notebook, nothing, notice, November, now,
number, nurse
O - 23 o’clock, October, of, off, office, officer,
often, oil, OK, old, on, once, one, only, open, or,
orange, order, other, out, outside, over, own
P - 61 pack, package, page, paint, pair, pants, paper,
parent, park, part, party, pass, past, pay,
PE(physical education), pen, pencil, people, perhaps,
person, pet, piano, pick, picnic, picture, pie, piece,
pig, pink, pizza, place, plan, play, player,
playground, please, p.m., point, police, polite, poor,
popcorn, popular, pork, possible, post office,
postcard, pound, practice, prepare, present, pretty,
price, problem, program, proud, public, pull, purple,
push, put
Q - 5 queen, question, quick, quiet, quite
R - 31 rabbit, radio, railway, rain, rainbow, rainy,
read, ready, real, really, red, refrigerator,
remember, repeat, rest, restaurant, restroom, rice,
rich, ride, right, ring, river, road, ROC, room, rose,
round, rule, ruler, run
S - 125 sad, safe, salad, sale, salt, same, sandwich,
Saturday, save, say, school, sea, season, seat,
second, see, seldom, sell, send, senior high school,
sentence, September, serious, seven, seventeen,
seventh, seventy, several, shall, shape, share, she
(her, hers, herself), sheep, ship, shirt, shoe(s),
shop, shopkeeper, short, should, shoulder, show, shy,
sick, side, sidewalk, simple, since, sing, singer,
sir, sister, sit, six, sixteen, sixth, sixty, size,
skirt, sky, sleep, slow, small, smart, smell, smile,
smoke, snack, snake, snow, so, socks, sofa, some,
someone (somebody), something, sometimes, somewhere,
son, song, soon, sorry, sound, soup, south, space,
speak, special, spell, spend, spoon, sports, spring,
square, stand, star, start, station, stay, steak,
still, stomach, stop, store, story, strange, stranger,
street, strong, student, study, stupid, successful,
sugar, summer, sun, Sunday, sunny, supermarket, sure,
surprise, surprised, sweater, sweet, swim
T - 72 table, Taiwan, take, talk, tall, tape, taste,
taxi, tea, teach, teacher, team, teenager, telephone
(phone), television (TV), tell, ten, tennis, tenth,
test, than, thank, that, the, theater, then, there,
these, they (them, their, theirs, themselves), thin,
thing, think, third, thirsty, thirteen, thirty, this,
those, though (although), thousand, three, Thursday,
ticket, tiger, time, tired, to, today, together,
tomato, tomorrow, tonight, too, tooth, touch, towel,
town, toy, traffic, train, tree, trip, trouble, truck,
true, try, Tuesday, turn, twelve, twenty, two, typhoon

U - 12 umbrella, uncle, under, understand, unhappy,
uniform, until, up, USA, use, useful, usually
V - 6 vacation, vegetable, very, video, visit, voice
W - 54 wait, waiter, waitress, wake, walk, wall, want,
warm, wash, watch, water, way, we (us, our, ours,
ourselves), weak, wear, weather, Wednesday, week,
weekend, welcome, well, west, wet, what, when, where,
whether, which, white, who, whose, why, wife, will
(would), win, wind, window, windy, winter, wise, wish,
with, without, woman, wonderful, word, work, workbook,
worker, world, worry, write, writer, wrong
Y - 7 year, yellow, yes (yeah), yesterday, yet, you
(your, yours, yourself, yourselves), young
Z - 1 zoo

Thanks Angie. Do you know if this word list is meant for elementary schools?

Someone informed me that the basic list had been increased to 1200 words… I can’t confirm that.

Also, you can buy little books of the list in the bookstore for about $50 with lots of examples.

The list is an odd list in many respects, once you look through out, but at least it can help focus on basic word sets for complete beginners.

It is appropriate for elementary school, though again it doesn’t divide words into active/passive words, ie. words that are expected to be known as opposed to words that are expected to be understood.


So they have convenient, but not 7-Eleven? What gives?

Anyways, you can save your $50 and just google “1200 most common words in English” for free. That’s what the MOE did.

[quote=“ImaniOU”]So they have convenient, but not 7-Eleven? What gives?

Anyways, you can save your $50 and just google “1200 most common words in English” for free. That’s what the MOE did.[/quote]No they didn’t. Those aren’t the 1200 most common words.

A more heavily corpus-based approach could have been better.

Ken makes a good point about distinguishing words that are intended for active use and those that are OK for passive recognition only.

The MOE is going to be adding some more words to the list, according to recent stories. I haven’t been able to find the list yet through the MOE’s site, but additions reportedly include MRT, yummy, and Spiderman.

What on earth is “candle chess”?

there it is