MOFA scholarships

Hey everybody,

So I looked at the old scholarship thread and found it was pretty much dead… and I asked about program comparisons, and also about scholarships there. And today I swung by the different branches of my local TECO… somewhat helpful, but not extremely.

Near as I can tell, there are two kinds of scholarships available. One is from the Ministry of Ed. You apply for this on a six-month renewable basis and apply only after your first sem. The other is one you apply for from your home country, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and that’s year-long and renewable.

Does anybody have any info about the latter scholarships? It seems like that’d be a more secure source of money & wouldn’t require me to lay out a couple of months out of pocket… maybe you or a friend have done these? What programs exist?

I really appreciate the time everyone takes with responses. Hope this isn’t considered redundant. Thanks.