MoI is planning to change the ID Number format

And applying for an APRC.

It is not “nonsense.” The expiration dates of passports (at least in my experience) do not exceed ten years.



Exactly. So most people will have to get a new id number before 10 years. That’s why it’s nonsense.

That is the point. After the cut off date they have to look who is still on the old format and find/contact them to get the new ID.
With that cut off date everyone will be already on the new ID and they don’t need to go after people who have not changed it.

There might be some edge cases but that way it will be manageable.


I was thinking of APRC. but yeah, I guess you could always lose it somehow, that seems self-evident though.

I was writing assuming one already had an APRC. I suppose this also applies to the plebs who only have an ARC as well.