MoI is planning to change the ID Number format

Oh my god. Would I need to change my NHI card as well? I’m worried it might affect my vaccination queue. I’m due for a second dose on November and my current NHI card has the vaccine sticker.

I can’t speak for the PC your booked in, but you’ll keep your old NHI card and the new APRC has the old ID printed on the back.

Thanks. You mean the new APRC will have my old number format printed right on the back of the card? Would it be necessary to update my bank regarding this number change?

You’ll need to update your NHI, Banks, Laobao, other insurances, Driver’s licenses, HSR App and anything else where you signed up with our old ID.

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Thanks though. Oh my god for the nth time. :confounded:

You’re welcome. Here’s some useful information:


I wasn’t able to get my tax return direct deposited.

does anybody know if I need to update my automatic debit card payment places? like my gym deducts money every month from my account, do I need to go tell them? or will the deductions still go through?

As one of the major complaints was the requirement to redo paperwork in person at banks, the NIA said it has worked with the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) and that over 20 major banks now offer ways to update account information without having to apply face to face.

However, Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) holders must still contact any entities with which they have registered auto-pay services to confirm if any information needs to be updated. They must also reapply for electronic bills and online or mobile banking accounts.

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many registration systems still reject the not-truly-unified identification numbers



After I change to the new UI No., can I open an account and apply for a credit card online?

But since it belongs within the scope of a bank’s operational independence whether it offers online services for account opening and credit card application, the document submission requirements and qualifying criteria are up to each bank to decide for itself.

I know the qualifying criteria of all banks!!! Foreigners can not apply online for credit cards at any bank! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Friendly reminder that the government had 3 years to plan the switchover.


What a ckusterfuck.
Shameful treatment of resident foreigners .