Moisture in my pocket camcorder - solution?

Recently, due to the very humid weather, my camera has fallen ill to moisture sickness.
I noticed the other day (Saturday) the LCD had moisture behind the glass. The camera worked fine, though.
Today, after a long time recording, I pressed “stop” to stop recording and then tried to power it down. The button didn’t work at all. Also noticed the recording LED was still on and there was some moisture visible under the glass. I removed the battery to turn it off.
Later on, the camera functioned just fine and no moisture could be seen.
Right now I have it hanging over the top of my dehumidifier with every part that opens opened and battery cover off with battery and SD card taken out.
Besides doing this, is there another solution to this moisture problem for electronics?

Hope, pray and buy one of those climate-control cabinets for around NT$1,500, available in places like RTMart and Carrefour.

That’d be a pretty nifty thing to have. If the problem persists, I may just buy one of those things.

Film something that is really dry like styrofoam and let is soak up the water.

Thanks, buddy. That actually worked! :bow:
That’s like the advice my mum gave me one time I was busting for a pee while waiting in her car. She said “Eat these cookies, they’ll soak up your pee”. :loco: Being rather young, of course I believed her.

The hanging over a dehumidifier trick seems to have worked. I’ll have to add that into my daily routine.