Mole removal in Zhongli, Taoyuan

Hey there. I would like to ask a few questions regarding mole removal in Taiwan. Is it covered by NHI if i wanted to remove it cosmetically? Is there any recommended clinic in Zhongli? I know some other threads have discussed about it before but i quite a long time ago. It would be great if you could share your personal experience or related youtube video regarding this as well. Thanks alot

I had 2 moles removed in New Taipei City. The whole procedure only cost 400 ntd. I do have NHI. I can only recommend the clinic I went to in Sanchong. I’m not sure about Zhongli.

I also did it for cosmetic/preventative reasons.
And I’m going back to get a third removed in a couple of weeks. Overall, extremely cheap and easy process!

Thank you for your reply! So you are saying that mole removal for cosmetic purposes are covered by the NHI? Actually I have one big mole and i did a consultation about it around 9 months ago in one of the clinic in zhongli. The doctor said that it will cost me around 12000 as it is way too deep and so they recommend me to do plastic surgery instead of laser ( which i believe is the method they used in your case ).

Darn. I was so excited to see this topic. I have been looking for ways to get rid of moles messing up our gardens and grass areas. I have dozens of them.

I guess this is a different topic…


I had one removed many years ago in the States. The doctor froze it with I think liquid nitrogen and then cut it out.

What method do they use here?

I’m sorry if it was not something you expected :joy: but if it’s something generic why not look it up on the internet? or just ask international forum

The clinic I visited back then offered laser removal and surgical excision. I’ve heard of the method you mentioned before, but not sure if they have it here. Anyway, how big it was and how did it go?

I have done some research. Moles (my type of moles) are not so easy to remove.

Cage traps are alright, use root veg a bait not meats and leafy crap.

Sticky traps work better but are pretty cruel. Like a leg waxing.


Try a dermatologist in a hospital.

I was hoping a way to remove moles within my organization. I mean everyone was always one step ahead. I got excited thinking there’s someone who can help me uncover them.

I thought some Taiwanese just let them grow thinking it’s good luck.

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Depends on whether or not you wish to find out the nature (make up ) of this particular mole. I commonly perform skin shave biopsy at my Dermatology clinic. It’s a quick 5 minute procedure and all covered under Taiwan National Health Insurance. The best part about skin shave biopsy besides getting rid of the mole is to have a board certified pathologist look under the microscope and determine the various cells lurking inside the mole. Skin shave biopsy is done to remove a mole and rule out skin cancer. Private message me if you need a medical opinion. I am a dermatologist practicing in Taipei East District.


One of my secret loves of taiwan is the temple mole beards. I am absolutely obsessed with them.

Well, I got mine removed because I didn’t want to deal with increased risk of skin cancer for it in the future. It’s a big mole, it took 2 times to remove it completely. So, I’m assuming this could be considered cosmetic purposes in a way because there was absolutely nothing wrong with the mole now. It was covered by NHI, so I want to say the answer to your question is yes but the word cosmetic never came up so I’m not sure.

12,000 is crazy. I only paid 400 and there was no medical reason for its removal. The method the doctor used was to inject local anesthesia and cut out the mole. It did require stitches (5-6 I think). And then that same procedure again for the second time because the mole was too large.

This all happened at a small dermatological clinic.

Hi thanks a lot for this clarification. I’m so relieved to hear it as I am just a student myself and the cost will be covered by myself. May I know how long have got it done, and how is it now? Is it completely gone? Did it leave any scars? Thanks again for the reply!

Hi it would be great if you could help me out. I would like to know more but I don’t see any private message in the feature.

The first part was removed in August this year, it healed very well. The second part was just removed at the beginning of this month, so unclear if there will be a scar or not, but I’m guessing there will be since I had stitches. But the mole itself is completely gone.

I had another, smaller mole removed back in August too and there is still a light pink scar from it.

do you mind letting me see how big the mole is? similar picture you can find on google will do, I hope i am not asking too much.

Sure, I never actually took a picture of it, but it was about the size of a 50 NTD coin.

i guess it’s really big then. Mine is about the size of 5 ntd but it’s located on the face which really bother me. It really hope it will be covered by NHI like what you said because according to Article 51 of the National Health Insurance Act, cosmetic surgery isn’t covered by NHI. That’s all the information I need, I will try to visit the clinic to find more information about it. Thank you so much!