Mom plays with phone while man runs over baby

Imagine this 20 years ago…

“Mother plays Nintendo Gameboy while man runs over baby!”

Some people are just too stupid to know that kids run all over the place and need to be looked after, Especially around motor vehicles.

Though that doesn’t seem to be her dad.

Right probably not the father.
I can make out the character “停” bottom left of screen so either Taiwan or China.
Mother would be charged with negligent manslaughter or whatever if I was in charge.
Assuming the kid died

Happened in China. The 2 year old girl died at the hospital.
Children must be watched all the time, especially when outside. You just can’t take your eyes off them for even one second. Her mom should have had held her hand when outside the house. The child was too young to be allowed to walk by herself in traffic.

Car looks illegally double parked in mall or something?
In which case the man should be executed. One good thing about China

Terrible stuff. I do find myself wondering what the hell parents are doing with their small kids in public nowadays, with the adults glued to their goddamned phones. Yes I am an outsider and a nonparent, but this does not look like a good idea!


happened in china, but could happen just as easily in taiwan. the drivers here don’t give any fucks about anyone.

From the video it seems the girl wasn’t tall enough to stick above the hood of the car, so I doubt the driver did even see her. Quite a problem with modern SUVs. A proximity sensor might have helped, but the girl was unfortunate to be in front of the wheel. Would the car have pulled up one second later she might have lived.