Money is everything

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Doctor condemns ‘torture’ caused by Taiwan’s end of life policies

In one case, an old school principal has been kept alive on respirators for nearly eight years because his children want to remain qualified for his retirement benefits, which include 18 percent interest on a retirement savings account.
Though the principal is being kept artificially alive, he receives a pension of NT$80,000 a month and clears NT$55,000 a month after deducting out-of-pocket hospital expenses of NT$25,000 a month. His family has therefore decided that he should be kept alive rather than taking him off respiration machines.

I have no right to judge about those children, but I do hope at least they pay their father frequent visits to comfort him.
I am surprised that such hospital-care isn’t more expensive. Also 80k pension, wow
And I do wonder what the children would have done if the numbers would not be in their “favor” …

Didn’t bother reading the article, but is the old guy in pain? Is he even conscious?
If he isn’t feeling any pain, or if he is in a coma, it might be good to keep him alive. You don’t know when there will be a medical breakthrough with stem cell research or even artificial lungs.

Hopefully, his children visit him often because laying in a bed all day gets depressing.

It probably deserves a place in the ‘Weird Records’ book soon …


Huh? I don’t see what’s so funny about that statement.