Monga: New Taiwanese Gangster Movie

Hi to all Taiwan movie buffs!

Does anyone here know anything about a new Taiwanese gangster flick that is set in Wanhua? Apparently set in the eighties and has some famous Taiwanese pop star/actor in lead role. Due for a Chinese New Year release.

My son is in it and starts shooting scenes tomorrow but unfortunately I can’t make it. Above is about all I know about it. My wife said the Director is pretty well known also, but she can’t really tell me much about it in English and my Mandarin sucks!

There must be a mixture/foreigner in it as my son plays one of the characters as a child and he looks more foreign than Chinese.

Any info on it would be much appreciated. I just wanna know about the film as I think it’s pretty cool my boy has a part!! Albeit, probably a very minor one!


OK, found out it’s called Monga with some guy call Ethan Ruan in it.

MONGA (艋舺) It’s directed by 鈕承澤 (Niu Cheng Ze a.k.a. 豆

Ethan Ruan. Chinese name, 阮經天

Don’t know a lot else about it.

It’s being released tomorrow!

When typing Monga in Google picture search I saw a naked lady with lots of hair. That was scary. I mean on her legs. :astonished:

Great your son is in the movie! I saw some images about a big fat actor somewhere who plays a gangster or so…

Congratulations, spacecadet!

I saw the trailer months ago, and I thought, hey, there’s a foreigner playing in there, why is that? I read the review in last Friday’s Taipei Times, and as usual, I forget ordinary names but I remember special ones, your son being named Rhydian for example.

BTW, the movie is huge. The news today says it made 60 million NT in its first 3 days, which is more than Avatar, Titanic, or any other Taiwanese or foreign movie ever made during their first 3 days here.

I enjoyed the movie but it’s a bit a gangster movie like Twilight is a vampire movie. There is a lot of eye candy, for sure. How old is your son? I think you should definitely watch the movie before showing it to him if he is a child. There are a few semi-gross scenes that could freak out a young kid, I reckon.

I saw it tonight. It was fun in the beginning, but tried to get all serious and dramatic which just made the second half a little silly.

I saw it on Sunday nite at cinema7 in Ximen… however there wasn’t any English subs so I had to guess most of the storyline… was cool to see a lot of local Wanhua places i recognized though…

There were English subs at the Miramar, but I was in the third row and the subtitles were huge. Got a bit of whiplash today because of it, lol.

I saw the trailer for this the other month attached to Avatar. Have the English subs improved since then? In the trailer it was obvious they had used Dr. Eye (or other machine translation) to do the job.

For the most part, I thought they were fine. I was mostly listening to the movie though and only really looked at them for the parts in Taiwanese.