Mongolian BBQ - Shann Garden

Had dinner out here on Saturday night and it was delicious . Apart from the Mongolian food, the grilled chicken fillets just made my mouth water, serve after serve after serve. Although I did get some curious looks from the other patron’s when I loaded my bowl with pork, lamb and beef, this didn’t stop me heading back for a third serve. Lamb chops weren’t bad either, little small, but won’t complain as I haven’t had them for a while.

Pretty big beer garden out the back too, so I took this opportunity to write myself off under the three or so pertruding stars. Actually there’s no bar out there though, but the waitresses will happily lug the piss outside for you.

Anyway, those interested, the add is 34 Yu Ya Road Peitou.

Price was $450 or $500, forget actually, just remember thinking “oh man, I am bloated”.

Cheers Amos.


Is this the place in the mountains?

Yeah it is Panda, but not too far up. The taxi meter would barely get past $NT100 from the MRT. The beer garden gives you a pretty nice view too.