Monk with bump on forehead, Dayang Jushi

Who is this guy? What organization? And is it a real bump or like a silicone implant?

Edit: Comment on screen 生活中的覺醒, Awakening in life. Can call phone number to interact but supposedly not free.

I thought that was you.


Yeah you can hear the cash clinking just looking at that photo.


Dayang Jushi, whose real name is Xu Xinlong, was guided by Master Li Mingfeng in the 80th year of the Republic of China, and converted to Master Miaoguang, giving him the nickname “Dayang”.

That’s pretty funny he has a “shopping cart” option on the home screen so people can begin spending money immediately.

He also explains why he asks for money for those that don’t understand.

Service items: Buddhist relics, peach blossom incense, tantric tobacco incense, net industry incense, fortune magic, fortune bracelet, extremely colorful Buddha statues, health and environmental protection.

Location: No. 32, Section 3, Zhongyang Road, Tucheng District

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Start at about 0:45 to see the other stuff coming out. :popcorn: After that it’s just blood.

Does the site give a theological explanation for the cyst?

I didn’t read it, but that is a good question.

Looks like a subdermal implant body modification made of silicon.


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Monk with bump on forehead

I thought this was a traditional Southern Hunan dish made with lotus root and black chicken??

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I confess I read that as “Southern Human dish”. :eek:

That’s it! I’m outta here.

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