Monkeypox 🙈 nasty!

There is a book written by a Russian scientist in charge of biological weapons after he defected to the US. I can’t remember the name book, but if Russia was involved in monkey pox research it would probably be mentioned there.

I remember now…

The monkeys felt embarrassed to tell everyone they were monkeys. Once they did, all the other animals were treating them like they were going to infect them.

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I think “MOVID-22” and “ORVID-22”* are still available. Though I admit they sound a bit too suspicious, as though someone made them up to turn a profit. Wait… :whistle:

*Same naming scheme as COVID - Orthopoxvirus disease.

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Just shows the bigotry of the scientists conflating dark-skinned Africans with monkeys. Way to go!

I hope you plan to get triple-vaccinated and double-boosted just like I do!

Of course! Monkeypox isn’t finished with us yet! Enjoy your day!



The first angel went and poured out his bowl on the land, and ugly, festering sores broke out on the people who had the mark of the beast and worshiped its image.

Revelation 16:2

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After reading this thread about rabies, the kind of responses, one realizes we face a deadly ignorance and disinformation public that cannot accept the dangers involved. Smallpox was beaten in the late 1970, maybe 1980s. And people have forgotten what it did. Hence, trying to draw attention on a potential threat is becoming harder.

They haven’t exactly done themselves any favours by using COVID to leverage an enormous fecking scam. If they (gov’ts, the WHO, the media…) had been honest about it, people might be more inclined to take them seriously. Their credibility is now shot to pieces. Presumably you’ve heard of the Boy Who Called Wolf?


Another border control to foreigners in Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan?

Finally arrived in Taiwan. Shut the borders. No one in without a vaccine. Wait, there is none, for now.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced today (24) the first confirmed case of monkeypox imported from the country, a male in his 20s in southern Taiwan who went to study in Germany from January to June this year (2022) and returned [here] on June 16. , After returning home for home quarantine after a negative COVID-19 test at the airport, he developed symptoms such as fever, sore throat, muscle soreness, rash, and groin lymphadenopathy on June 20. He went to the doctor on June 21 and 22, and was evaluated by a doctor After that, the samples were collected and notified, and the samples were sent to the Kunyang Laboratory of the CDC for testing, which was confirmed to be positive today.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that local health units have carried out epidemic investigations and contact tracing and other prevention and control work in accordance with regulations. The confirmed cases are currently admitted to the negative pressure isolation ward, and the isolation can be released after treatment until the skin lesions on the whole body are completely scabbed off. After investigation, the 5 close contacts are all asymptomatic and will be given health care by the health unit. In response to the first confirmed case in my country, the CDC will simultaneously notify the World Health Organization through the IHR contact window

It’s the black plague! We’re doomed!

But yeah, it sounds like we’re in for another round of shamanistic solutions and political grandstanding.


There is a vaccine

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You’re right. Now wait for CECC to announce negative test before preflight back to Taiwan or first dose of it. I just have a bad feeling about this, as once power has been grabbed, it hardly ever is given back. that’s the point of my initial reaction.


What is interesting is the high demand with 30 cases there, meanwhile with millions with Covid demand seems lower.

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I see a lot of (mostly) guys in line. So, guessing it’s for those playing on one side of the game (not to make any humor out of it).

We have a vaccine. The smallpox vaccine.

Perhaps this is phase 2 of The Great Reset. The compliant will take the smallpox vaccine. Those dirty anti-vaxers will not, and will thereby cease to be a problem when the smallpox epidemic … uh, kinda happens.

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I would prefer if you didn’t paint people looking out for their health in such a disparaging and rude manner.

It’s not mandatory so there is nothing to ‘comply’ with. Such sweeping statements do not help your argument.


Ah, we’re doing the “it’s not mandatory, but if you don’t take it you can’t go anywhere, might get fired, and have to pay for your own treatment” thing again?

Seems like yesterday!