Monkeys at Dakun scenic area

I have been to Dakun a few times and have been unsuccessfull in my quest to see wildlife in the wild. Many people have told me it is possible to see monkeys and other wildlife in this area. Can anyone confirm this for me. Maybe I am going to the wrong area because the pics I see do not look like any of the areas I have been to.

To have any hope of seeing monkeys around Daken, you’ll need to walk one of the trails. Follow the signs walk for a few kms and you should get lucky. I’ve lived here for years and never seen a monkey. Snakes a plenty, insects, butterflies and the ubiquitous “Dogus Strayus”.

There are definetly monkeys in Daka, my friend was chased by some:) I also got some great pictures, but yes you do have to do a bit of hiking to find them.

I saw some monkeys while doing the no. 3 hiking trail one Sunday morning.