Month Long Teaching Program?

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if there are any programs that let me teach English for about a month to a month and a half in Taiwan. I know in high school, there were types of exchanges or programs for students to teach English, but I never took advantage of those. Now, I’m graduating the university soon and would like to spend a bit of my time in Taiwan before working.

About me:

  • graduating in May
  • starting full time job on July 29th so I have to be back before then
  • Taiwanese American, I only hold a US citizenship
  • born and raised in Texas, native language is English, Mandarin is not very good

Looking for:

  • about a month to a month long program
  • doesn’t have to pay, just some housing + food would be nice, but that’s not necessary either
  • preferably something that doesn’t require me to have a teaching license, etc

You’ll have lost money by the time you’ve paid for the flight here.

However there should be plenty of hours around during that time as summer school will be in full swing. Although sadly, you may well not find a higher paying job that your white skinned counterparts can “easily” get.

It’s not going to be about her skin color so much as her lack of flexibility and longevity. She would need to be very lucky to quickly walk into a job of precisely the appropriate length that was willing to hire her legally – and a fresh uni grad is unlikely to have the two years of full-time work experience required to be legally hired.

IMO the OP would be far better served to go into a language program somewhere. She could take a month’s course in Mandarin at TLI. Anything to keep a visa and hang around. If she were to, ahem, find some Taiwanese people who, er, wanted to practice their English and express their appreciation in cash, that would just be one of those things, but not a formal job.