Monthly Membership Gyms/Fitness Centers

Hey Forumosa,

This is my first time ever posting and I’d just like to thank everybody for providing such great information on life in Taipei. I’m an ABC who can’t read Chinese (thats why I’m here for 2 1/2 months learning), so the information on this site is making my life ridiculously easier. Anyway, back to my post topic–I was wondering if there are any gyms in Taipei that work on a month-to-month subscription. I was reading the past stickys/posts on fitness centers and they all seem to work on a yearly subscription rate. In fact I visited California Fitness in Ximing and they were claiming that their 1 year membership is the shortest membership available in Taiwan.

I work out regularly in the US, so I don’t need a personal trainer. I just need a no-frills gym, that is well equipped that I can go in and do my work sets. A gym near the Wanhua area in Taipei, but I’m willing to travel to get a decent deal on a gym. Thanks for any and all help.

Don’t be phased.

I have been a member of Gold’s Gym for 2 years now and have never had to pay a whole year up-front. I pay month to month, 1999NT. When I first signed up, I paid 4999NT but therein after just 1999 a month. I chose to have it billed to my credit card, but I have friends who just pay cash on their due date.

Welcome to the forums Ben. Not sure where you’re going for the Chinese lessons, but if you’re at NTU (Taida), check out the wieght room located in the new gymnasium.

Thanks for the welcome everybody. I will definitely push the gyms harder to get their monthly prices. I will be at NTNU (ShiDa) studying and they have a gym. Unfortunately its only open for 1 1/2 hours a day–pretty inflexible hours. Will look into it though. Glad to be on this forum.