Monthly train pass?

I take the train to work everyday (costs me $39 each way so $78 a day).

Can I pay a monthly flat fee?

Now I just load up my card and scan it.

Do you mean TRA trains or MRT?

MRT has a month pass for 1280 a month. Very good deal. Only works if you are in Taipei. If you are in say Xizhi you could get the 1280 pass and take the bus. The pass works for bus.

As for TRA I don’t know of a month pass. You will need to ask them.

What about Kaohsiung? Is there a monthly pass for public transport?

yes, there are monthly pass and bi-monthly pass for TRA. The fee is for 復興號.

For 30d pass: fee x21x2x0.85
For 60d pass: fee x42x2x0.8


Sorry if I’m retarded but I don’t understand this.

the $39 is for local train?

Then, the cost of 30day pass may be 39x2x21x0.85=1392 NTD.

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