Moosehead Lager Now Available for Home Delivery!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the long national nightmare is over. No more wasted trips out in the cold wind and rain, down to the convenience store to settle for the same old boring beer choices, now you can have an all-natural, truly refreshing lager delivered right to your door within an hour of ordering. … urant-menu

Moosehead Lager has joined forces with Food Panda to bring beer lovers in Taipei the world’s most refreshing beer (Moosehead Lager) right to their door. Brewed fresh in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada using only the purest ingredients (nothing artificial, zero preservatives), Moosehead Lager is always fresh and you are always getting the best (production is never sub-contracted out to regional brewers).

If you are out of Food Panda’s range, please message (and ‘like’) us on Facebook ( and we will make sure we get this great beer to your door.

350mL per bottle, 5% alcohol.

2014, the year of the Moose!

I hope you get your beer in a convenience store soon, I am sick to death of the current choices at Sev, Fam, Hi and OK.