Moovo: A New Challenger to Youbike Emerges

  • Moovo is the lastest bike sharing platform to spin its wheels in Taiwan, after the demise of oBike in 2017.

  • The bikes are electric-assist, but highly governed so people don’t take out pedestrians on the sidewalk at high speed.

  • The bikes are electric-assist, but highly governed so people don’t take out pedestrians on the sidewalk at high speed. The bikes are pretty good to ride, and with the elecric assist motor feel much lighter than an oBike.

  • This isn’t a pure dockless bike mechanism. Although the service area is quite wide, and encompasses a good part of Taipei and the County there are only a handful of docking areas around the city.

  • I wouldn’t recommend the app until it becomes a pure dockless mechanism or they create as many parking zones as uBikes. The electric assist feature is fun, but I can’t suggest bothering with it until they figure this out.


How do they charge the battery?

Only 16 reviews in Google play store, but 2.1 stars is more or less a indication of a totally useless app. Hope they improve it. Is this a Taiwanese start up? Are the bikes made in TW?

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That will be a great bike for the return ride after a long hot sweaty organic human-powered ride out. But it looks a little bit small.

A small cooler will fit in that front basket quite nicely.

Hope they don’t freaking charge a deposit which is basically me funding that new bike.

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Also how do they prevent people from leaving them all over?

Post o-Bike, I don’t think anyone is allowed to do that.

Damn. they lost an opportunity to name themselves Moovova


Moovovarova (and let Jimi take ova)


Sounds like Moovo will be an additional option to Youbike.

I don’t understand. They say “dockless” but then the article mentions docking stations. Which one is it?

Not this again…


Docking areas, which I assume means the areas where you’re allowed to drop off the bikes, like what GoShare and Wemo have.

This video shows how to use Moovo

they are never going to allow truly dockless bikes in Taiwan after the Obike thing. I mean how would they prevent people from parking them in inappropriate places or simply carting them by the 1000s to the nearest junk yard?

Does this mean I can expect to see piles of these things dumped into the Tamsui River in a few months? :doh:


Right and I agree. So why even bother with having GPS etc on them. Youbike style docking stations seem to be doing the job well. I don’t see the point of these. More costs, maintenance, GPS coverage and accuracy issues.

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They need to locate the bikes to change the batteries. Gogoro, Wemo do this too, swap batteries manually, they have staff just riding around to swap batteries.

Why do they have to be so ugly?

Ya I understand the need to have them at the moment. My point is, if we have to park in a designated area, why bother with GPS etc. Just have regular docking stations.

Wait for a couple of years when they are all scratched up and the decal is fading.